3 Ways to Pet Proof your Home Office

By Edward Dominguez posted 10-31-2019 21:40


You've heard the term baby proofing but something new to me is pet proofing. I haven't thought about it before until recently and so I thought it's time everyone jump on the pet proofing band wagon. Whether you have a dog or cat, any pet that's allowed to roam your house freely; you need to pet proof your home office. Here's what you need to remove...

1. Any and all kinds of foods/snacks

An obvious one but something to keep in mind no less. I've been known to love chocolate and if you snack on sweets at your desk then it's a danger zone for your pet. Not all things can harm your fur-baby but chocolate can definitely take your dog out. Even if you THINK they can't reach, don't leave it on your desk no matter what. Not in a drawer, not in a dish on a cabinet, no where out in the open. The only safe place for food that you are not eating at the moment is in a cabinet or fridge in the kitchen. You'd be surprised what a motivated and curious animal will do to get something and it's just not worth the stress or trip to the vet. 

2. Anything that looks like fun

Okay let me elaborate here. I have a cat who LOVES hair ties and anything that resembles one or a piece of string. Nothing new here with cats but my cat takes it a step further and EATS them. I've had to lock away hair ties, rubber bands, toothpicks, paperclips, anything that she seems to find entertaining. If your dog accidentally knocks over some paper clips and you happened to have gotten a tiny bit of peanut butter from your sandwich on them, good luck! Another thing to limit is chords as dogs and cats can play with them and take things down with whatever is attached to the cords.  You can pick up a wireless headset to easily eliminate some cords.

3. Anything that can be knocked over and is heavy

You can't knock over a file cabinet but if you have something like a marble bust in your home office, it can be a danger. Or maybe you have a fancy desk lamp, even a floor lamp that if someone (looking at you Fido!) knocks it over-could be a major health hazard. If you're wondering how, picture your knock rough housing when you're not home and knocking down your lamp, the bulb shatters and she steps in it or gets hit with a shard. Say hello to another trip to the vet. If you have things that can pose a danger, use earthquake putty so it can't be knocked over. Same goes for mirrors and other things that can break and do damage.