What to Expect When You Use CBD Oil

By Edward Dominguez posted 05-21-2020 11:42


CBD is the word on everyone’s lips at the moment. It seems that everyone has a story about how it has helped them or someone they know to treat a medical condition. How it works and why is still the subject of intensive research as scientists seek to find out more about this substance’s healing properties.

A brief introduction to CBD

Before looking at what CBD oil users can expect, it’s essential to define what CBD is and also what it isn’t. Cannabidiol is one of the many compounds found in the cannabis plant. This plant family is comprised of several species, and there are also many people who have created cannabis plant hybrids. 

Another compound found in some cannabis plants is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD is harvested from the leaves of the hemp plant that contain this compound in high quantities but only have trace amounts of THC in them.

Those who think that CBD induces a high such as the one marijuana users experience have got THC and CBD confused. THC can have both psychoactive and habit-forming effects on users, whereas CBD does not. Instead, it seems to have some medicinal effects and is fast becoming popular among people who favor natural, alternative therapies. 

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Expect to feel relaxed

CBD oil products work hand-in-hand with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is made up of receptors that help to regulate many of the body’s functions, principal among them hormone secretion.

Hormones like cortisol are released when the body is feeling stressed or threatened. This induces the ‘fight or flight’ response, which is characterized by an increase in heart and respiration rates. By augmenting the work of the ECS, the use of CBD can help to reduce feelings of anxiety.

Expect to wake up feeling refreshed

A lot of people who have experienced disruptions to their sleep patterns have reported that CBD oil products help them get a good night’s sleep. One of the reasons this might be possible is that the ECS regulates the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep. 

Others might argue that sleeplessness is often driven by anxiety and stress. Since it appears that CBD oil products can help to relieve these two conditions, a night of good sleep is likely to follow.

Expect to feel less pain

Pain is the body’s response to a perceived threat, such as foreign objects or harmful bacteria, viruses, and spores. The body uses pain to alert you to the situation. The most common pain reaction is inflammation, which is accompanied by swelling, heat, and redness. 

Very often, the body’s immune response to pain is an overreaction, and the inflammation becomes a bigger problem than the original reason it was triggered. CBD can help the ECS regulate how the brain’s neuroreceptors perceive pain, and it can also reduce inflammation.

Expect to have a healthy appetite

There are two hormones in the body that govern your appetite: ghrelin and leptin. When these hormones are not at optimal levels, you could find your eating patterns beginning to change. CBD’s interaction with the ECS may well be instrumental in optimizing your appetite so that you don’t eat too much or too little. 

CBD also shows promise in treating nausea, which often prevents people from eating properly. Some receptors in the ECS are present in the digestive tract, and this is why researchers suspect that it can reduce nausea and vomiting.