5 Morning Habits to Develop when Working from Home

By Edward Dominguez posted 06-08-2020 23:14


Working from home offers a number of perks but if you don’t have any kind of routine, you tend to be less productive. What you choose to do in the first 60 to 90 minutes of your day matters. Start the day off with the right morning habits and you will set the tone for the whole day. Here are the five morning habits to cultivate. 

  1. Wake up at the same time every day

Going to bed at around the same time and waking up at the same time every day helps to set your circadian rhythm. This “internal clock” can affect many different bodily functions, from your appetite and mood to your heart function. 

You may feel that one of the main benefits of not having to get up and go to work is to be able to wake up naturally without using an alarm clock. You will find that if you go to bed regularly at the same time, you will tend to begin waking up at the same time, even when you don’t set your alarm. 

  1. Drink some lemon water

Drink some water first thing in the morning with half a lemon helps to flush out your digestive system and rehydrate your body. Dehydration is common and can cause headaches, dizziness and tiredness. 

When you wake up, you haven’t had anything to drink for hours. Drinking lemon water not only makes sure you’re hydrated but has a number of other health benefits too. 

  1. Get active

When you work from home and don’t have to commute to the office, you can use the time you save to do some exercise. A Lean Life provides home workout routines that will help you to build strength and lean muscle. There is even a home workout routine that can be done in 10 minutes or less and targets all of your major muscle groups. 

This morning exercise will improve your concentration during the day. Cortisol, a hormone that keeps you keeps you alert, reaches its peak at about 8 am, so get up and get moving. 

  1. Get dressed for the day

When you work from home, it is easy to roll out of bed and start working in your pajamas. While you may enjoy being able to relax and wear comfortable clothes while working from home, it may be a challenge to disengage from work and changing clothes helps you to feel as though you’re not always working. 

Many women who work from home will put on a top regularly worn to the office, some earrings and makeup but wear sweatpants and slippers. This enables them to take conference calls looking professional but gives them comfort too. Psychologists say that people tend to feel more competent when wearing business clothes. 

As you have to worry less about dress codes while working from home, it may be a good time to experiment with a business-casual look that keeps you feeling productive, such as jeans and a t-shirt with a blazer. 

  1. Make yourself a nourishing breakfast

A well-balanced, nutritious breakfast will prevent you from eating too much at subsequent meals and give you energy. Studies have shown that eating eggs for breakfast helps you to maintain steady blood sugar levels and increase feelings of fullness. They are high in protein and several other important nutrients. 

Greek yogurt is also high in protein and contains beneficial probiotics. Oatmeal is rich in fiber, benefits gut health and eases your insulin response. Add berries, nuts, fruit or seeds to Greek yogurt or oatmeal to increase the nutritional value.