5 Ways to Create an Impression for First Time Visitors to your Office

By Edward Dominguez posted 06-22-2020 23:24


Business owners want first time impressions for visitors to turn into lasting, positive impressions. One way to impress new visitors is to offer a warm welcome and hospitality. Another way to create a lasting impression is to ensure a professional attitude. 

There are many ways to encourage return visits to your office, no matter their status or culture. Inform yourself of tried and tested methods to ensure they make frequent return visits for all the right reasons.

Indoor décor creates a lasting impression

Perhaps professionalism should come first, but don’t discount the impression made by your office décor. In fact, the condition of your office premises speaks volumes about your professional attitude, so don’t be quick to discount how ‘prettying’ up your office creates lasting appeal. Other than basic neatness and tidiness, ensure that office furniture is clean and smart, along with carpets and paintwork.

Once that’s attended to, a few choice paintings and statues increase the appeal. Office managers often insist on installing an indoor fountain because the relaxing sounds of an indoor water feature create harmony. 

Soothing Company appreciates the need for harmonization of living and workspaces and provides an assortment of water fountain choices, and even aquariums to enhance your workspace. Order your water fountain online to create that lasting impression.

Your office space reflects your brand

Ensure your tangible space reflects the vision of your organization. If you’re part of a young, funky company, the reception area and offices should reflect this personality. Likewise, if you’re a traditional company, your environment should align with your brand. 

Whatever impression you aim to impart, ensure that your workspace shows new visitors what the organization is about. It won’t help your case if you’re selling investment products and your office is shabby or playful. Create a powerful first impression with material assets as you do with intangible skills.

Be professional

Be professional toward office visitors, whether they’re regulars or visiting your office for the first time. A professional attitude makes you appear credible and gives visitors the reassurance they need that they have made the right choice to include you in their business dealings. Be on time for your appointments because anything less is tardy and unprofessional. 

When you’re on time, you impart the impression that your visitors are as important as you are, and that their time is as important to you as it is to them. Include clear signage that offers visitors directions to the reception, the boardroom, amenities and to the offices they need to visit.

Offer visitors a warm welcome

Reception areas are critical for the generation of positive first impressions. Other than creating an attractive reception area, the receptionist should be a friendly, warm person. Visitors appreciate being welcomed by someone who smiles and greets them when they enter the premises. 

Helpful responses and directions from the receptionist should also be professional. Once the receptionist has informed the person that their visitors have arrived, it is important to offer them a beverage. The secretary or the person in charge of the boardroom can offer snacks, depending on the anticipated length of the meeting.

Accommodate different cultures

Managers and office staff should be cognizant of etiquette related to various cultures. Training should be provided or engaged in when visitors from different cultures are expected. Although global business practices have become more relaxed over time, certain cultures prefer dealing with men at certain levels of authority. 

Attempt to accommodate this need where possible, without sacrificing your own values. If visitors do not speak your language, then make provision for a professional translator as a sign of goodwill and hospitality.