The Importance of Window Treatments in Your Home

By Edward Dominguez posted 07-03-2020 16:32


Homeowners have access to a comprehensive selection of custom window blinds, window shades and drapes from top manufacturers. If you’re redecorating your home, and you’d like some expert help, you can even use a colour planning guide and use it to select the basis of each room’s individual scheme.


Window treatments can be either soft as in sheer curtains or drapes, while hard window treatments are your shutters and blinds. A combo of both is what is known as a layered window treatment. 


Anyone with a flair for detail in decorating their home will love all the trends in window treatments, and we look at some of them.


Trendy shutters


It may be that you have an unattractive window and don't know how to cover it, and shutters offer a fantastic combination of form and function. They play a superb role in reducing glare and protecting furniture at the same time. Wooden shutters add an attractive style to homes, and modern wood shutters involve lighter panel weights and beautiful stained finishes.


Natural materials such as wood have always been in fashion, so fitting your windows with wooden shutters will add value to your home. Your place, both inside and out, will be right on trend. Apart from wood shutters, there are hundreds of different shutters on the market – all with a mix of characteristics and materials.


You can choose the style, colour, frame and any other options you want because window treatment specialists are tuned into your needs for high quality and affordable shutters. They’re manufactured to your exact requirements so that they can even fit over awkwardly-shaped windows.


Environmentally friendly blinds


People like the trendy and distinctive look which blinds give to a room. They can choose from cool pastels to hot and exciting colours. Those concerned for the environment appreciate the fact that their blinds can be made from environmentally friendly materials.


At Blinds Direct, an online shop, blinds are made to your exact size. They can be made with wood, bamboo or fabric while roller blinds specifically are made up of a single sheet of material. The blinds can cope in steamy and moist areas and can be hung vertically or horizontally. The bottom line is that blinds in all their styles and options can transform a dull window.


Bamboo and wooden blinds are environmentally friendly and they also provide insulation against the heat and cold. This makes them a practical and attractive choice for window blinds. Energy-saving thermal blinds reflect heat back into the room, warming it up and cutting out the need for electric heating. 


Superb craftsmanship in curtains


Whatever window treatment you choose, the amount of light and privacy you want will determine your choice. Curtains certainly give a room a finished look and there are many types of curtains, sheer curtains, eyelet curtains, goblet pleat curtains, and others, all made with the most detailed, intricate craftsmanship that will delight you with their elegance. 


They all vary in length, fabric and colour. Curtains are usually unlined, more casual, made from somewhat lighter, washable fabrics while drapes are usually made with heavier fabrics and they’re lined to keep out sunlight and heat. Whatever curtain you want, whether for blocking out the sun, for privacy or just for sheer decoration, you can be sure to have curtains made or bought that suit each room’s curtaining needs.


Curtains make a room, but only when made correctly. You want sound advice and you want quality fabrics, linen, silk, velvet, that won’t fade and which hang beautifully year after year.