5 Most Important Items to Think of When Selecting Office Space

By Edward Dominguez posted 07-06-2020 12:33


When you’re looking at setting up a new office space, there are several important elements to consider. Your choices will impact your business, so it is incredibly important to select a space that supports business operations, branding and employee morale. 

Moreover, your client base may be impacted by your choice. Miss certain items on the list and you could be in hot water. Take the following five elements into consideration, and you can rest assured that you’re on the right path.


Any real estate is reliant on choosing a location that aligns with the business purpose. Ensure that the space selected matches this purpose and that surrounding businesses are equally supportive of your goals. The space must be within easy reach by your staff members or you might have to start advertising for new positions.

Similarly, if your clients find it difficult to visit your office space, you could face the prospect of losing business. Make sure that the location you select is also close to convenient amenities like public transport, gyms, coffee shops and other stores that make working there pleasant.


You’ll probably need to weigh the cost of renting of purchase against location opportunities. But if the space suits your need, don’t be too quick to try and reduce costs as the location is vital to ongoing business operations.

Check for hidden costs, and find out if the costs are comparable with other spaces in the area. Then follow up with the right contracts to secure your offices. Net Lawman assists with contracts for lease agreements, subleases and occupancy licensing. This type of aid is helpful when you need to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Structural organization

How well is the indoor space suited to your business needs? Will the landlord allow for structural changes to be made to match your operations? How much infrastructure changes cost you, and will any of these costs be recoverable on termination of the lease agreement?

Additionally, you will have to find an internet service provider that gives you what you need. Do the managed services in the building align with your requirements, or is it possible to contract services to private companies? You need an internet and telephone service that is fast and reliable. Find out details before signing any contracts.

Is the space big enough?

One of the biggest concerns is whether the space is big enough to support current operations. The next question is if the space can cater for future growth. It’s pointless choosing the ideal space for now, only to find you have to move a year later because of excellent growth.

Moving offices is costly because of all the overheads involved. Think of changing addresses on letterheads and business cards. On top of this are the down payments to secure space, power and other services. Basic elements like the internet, phone services, office furnishings and lease terminations should also factor in to any estimates for moving.

Design and style

Style and design elements are frequently overlooked when looking for a new office. Branding and reputation, however, rely heavily on these issues because they support brand personality. Select office space that gives a clear impression of who you are as a business. If clients are used to a certain standard, be sure to maintain or improve this standard.

As always, first impressions count even if you’re moving to a second office space. Your employees and clients need to be proud of working and visiting the space. Ask whether the location will reflect these characteristics. If you are happy to include images of your offices on your website, then you’ve made a wise choice.