Ways to Trick Your Mind to Quit Smoking

By Edward Dominguez posted 12-21-2020 23:13


Smoking has a lot to do with the mind. You could have started due to peer pressure and then continued because it helped enormously with that pressure. Or, it may have just been because you needed companionship, or it helped you relax, or you felt that you deserved it.


These are all mind games. If you realize that, and it may take a long time for you to do so, you can learn tricks to trick your mind and stop smoking. 


Bodily help first


Get some products that can keep you stabilized when you quit smoking. Then you can begin with your mind games. Popular telemedicine service, Quick RX Refill, can save you time and effort by ordering your patches, spray, gum or even prescription medicine after an e-consult with a doctor.


Visit the website and get all the help you need before you launch yourself into the psychological stratosphere. You need to have your wits about you and that’s hard when you’ve just quit. Don’t neglect the help you can get from pharmaceuticals.


Analyze your feelings


Realize that feelings are just feelings. Now, when you’re analyzing these feelings and not letting them take hold, you will discover the many emotional hang-ups that drove you to smoking in the first place. Like “I enjoy smoking”, “I need a cigarette” and “I deserve a cigarette”. None of these are true.


You can trick your mind by replacing those feelings with “I enjoy breathing fresh air”, “I need to sit and relax a while” and “I can choose whether to smoke or not. I couldn’t think of anything worse, so I choose not to”. Mind-changing thoughts lead to physical-changing attitudes.


One more leads to much more


Never think of smoking passively. Be aggressive with a thought like, “I’ll just have one more cigarette, then I’ll quit.” You won’t. When you tackle that thought and toss it aside like garbage, quickly replace it with “Do I really want to smoke again?” You’ll be surprised at the next thought – “No, I don’t.”


Mind game is an exercise of empowerment. You have begun to take control of your thoughts, which you admit have become tired and second-hand. So, the next step is replacing them with brand new thoughts like “Never again”, “My lungs are in agony” and “Do not want to die from emphysema?”.


Visualization is vital


Visualize yourself smoking a cigarette and think of it as the most disgusting thought. You used to enjoy that thought, but now you’ve decided to change it for something better. Your mind will start to try and trick you back to your old way of thinking. Your mind is powerful and it’s difficult to change patterns that have dominated for a long time. 


You must show the mind who’s boss here and you will often be shocked at what you are thinking. That’s the essence of mind games. Visualization is a vibrant and dynamic exercise. Trick yourself into believing what you think, and they’ll soon become real.


Need for disassociation


You need to replace what you associate smoking with, and mainly it’s in times of stress or enjoyment. Those are very powerful mind thoughts, and you have to trick the mind into thinking how much worse they would be by smoking.


Trick the mind into picturing how stress becomes catastrophic with smoking and how enjoyment becomes so much less with a cigarette. This is quite an exercise. It’s a powerful one, and it will soon become your reality. You own your mind and your thoughts. Use this knowledge like a superhero.