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Private, Independent and Parochial School Nurses (PIPSN)--Conference Events just for YOU!

By Gail Trano, BSN, RN, CSN posted 06-20-2019 22:36

We are excited to see so many PIPSN members registered to attend NASN's 2019 Annual Conference in Denver. For those working in a private, independent or parochial setting who have not joined PIPSN, you are encouraged to attend our events and join.   

Make sure to look for the PIPSN table and stop by to say hello and introduce yourself.  We will be available to talk, get to know you, share experiences, share the PIPSN Newsletter, The Pulse, and  help you network with fellow PIPSN members.    Use the PIPSN table as your "Conference Central" for all PIPSNs. When making plans to meet with colleagues make the meeting place the PIPSN table.

LOOK for fellow PIPSNs throughout the conference by their purple ribbons on name tags.  Introduce yourself as a fellow PIPSN community member.  Bring them to our meeting and activities! 

These activities, dates and times are important to be aware of and include in your planning:

June 27, 6:45pm: Conference Kick Off Party (7p-11p)    

Meet at the PIPSN table 6:45pm to go to the dance together


***June 28th, 3pm - 4:30 pm:  PIPSN Annual General Business Meeting:

Meet and network with fellow PIPSNs and officers, volunteer for a committee or leadership position, and vote on pending resolutions. Support our SIG by attending.  Raffle tickets will be drawn for free door prizes. PIPSN color is purple, so wear something purple to our meeting and during the conference. 

June 28th, 5:30pm - 7pm:  Open House and Pizza:

Come to the PIPSN Open House to meet and make connections, network and share pizza and with fellow PIPSNs and leadership at a casual get together.  ***Please email Cheryl Blake,, NOW and  by June 25th if you are interested in participating. We will announce the location of the pizza gathering during the PIPSN meeting and post it at the PIPSN Table.. 

Membership in PIPSN is not required to attend, but you must work  in a private, independent or parochial school setting. .This event is not open to general conference attendees that are not working in those settings.  Please RSVP ASAP. 

June 28th, 7:15pm:  Awards Celebration (7:30pm-9pm) **Meet at the PIPSN table at 7:15 pm

PIPSNs sit together and celebrate our annual Outstanding PIPSN Award recipient announcement. Look for our group in the Hall and join us.

Attending a NASN Annual Conference is truly inspiring to experience and see the wonderful group of professional colleagues you are a part of.  Connecting with your fellow PIPSN members of our Special Interest Group will enhance that experience all the more.  Please be sure to share your experiences on  SNN with our PIPSN community during and after the conference.

Looking forward to meeting and sharing the experience with you,

Your PIPSN Leadership,

Cheryl Blake, MSN, RN, NCSN
Jan Brant, BSN, RN, NCSN
Elizabeth Paquette, RN, CSN
Linda Register, MSN, RN, NCSN
Gail Trano, BSN, RN, CSN
Theresa Hartel, MSN, RN
Marie Habershaw, BSN, RN