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Nebraska School Nurses Association Anniversary Blog

By Kay Duncan, MAA, RN, BSN, CPN posted 02-22-2019 10:46

The Nebraska School Nurses Association (NSNA) was formed in 1973, initially as an affiliate of the Nebraska State Education Association (NSEA). We became affiliated with NASN in the same year and have been affiliated ever since. Today we have 150 members and celebrated our 45th anniversary last year! .It was our honor to have Nina Fekaris at our celebration.
While Nebraska was not involved in the creation of NASN, we are proud of the fact that in 1981, one of our members, Helen Weber, RN was the Chair of the Professional Standards Guidelines Committee and authored a booklet for NASN called “Guidelines for a Model School Nurse Services Program.” Mrs. Weber is now 101 years old and was gracious enough to share memories with us last year!
NSNA was instrumental in establishing the “Attack on Asthma” program to mandate Epi-Pens and the Emergency Response Protocol in all our schools. . This provides Epi-Pens and Albuterol for all schools in Nebraska. Nebraska Department of Education, Rule 59 Regulations for School Health and Safety. This was effective May 13, 2006, and was the first in the country! In a large part, due to this regulation, there have been no asthma/anaphylaxis student deaths in our state since 2006.
NSNA is proud of many things, including our Emergency Response protocol and working closely with state and local concussion management teams, thus providing support for our state “Return to Learn” legislation. We are also proud of our high immunization compliance rate, partially because we only provide two types of immunization waivers: medical or religious.
NSNA has helped to provide and annual School Nurse Conference for 35 years to our school nurses! We are currently in the process of determining the actual number of school nurses in our state, and how we can support those who are in the rural areas of our state.
I am proud to be the president of our affiliate and proud that I served on the NASN BOD for 5 years. We must continue to mentor our new school nurses and keep them involved in our organization.
Happy Anniversary NASN!
Kay Duncan, MAA, BSN, RN, CPN
Lincoln Public Schools Nurse
President, Nebraska School Nurse Association
NASN Board Member, Nebraska State Director, Past