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The Maryland Association of School Health Nurses- Happy 50th NASN!

By Mary Nasuta, MS, BSN, RN, NCSN posted 06-10-2019 15:51


Happy 50th NASN! The Maryland Association of School Health Nurses (MASHN) has a rich tradition of school health leadership. We are the home of early school leaders like Shirley Steele and our current leader Donna Mazyck.

The success of any affiliate is a team effort and we are grateful to the many professional school nurses who work tirelessly to advocate for students.

As I finish my term as President, I have been reflective about what contributes to the success of affiliates and I wanted to share our strengths.

  • Contributions of past leaders. We have been fortunate to have the continuing help of our past president, Nancy Mattucci to provide continuity in our mission.
  • Strong nurse leaders who are committed to providing continuing education to the nurse of our state. Our conference committee and chairperson Barb Masenior has provided 15 years of leadership to ensure professional and relevant presentations are accessible to our membership. Barb has also worked to share her magic and provide leadership succession with her protégé Kim Kupcinski
  • Logistical support to keep the organization running efficiently. Eileen Ertel, secretary and Traci Jones, treasurer, manage the many details of our organization.
  • Advocates for National Certification for School Nurses to promote professionalism and a high quality of practice. Jan Brant and Donna Lyman have been instrumental in encouraging more Maryland nurses to take the national certification examination and celebrating in their successes.
  • Nurses who help to brand and promote the organization. Chris Ratych, our Ways and Means chairperson does the heavy lifting for our group (literally) and provides her creativity to increase our visibility. Jill McGuirk is always available to pitch in and help to promote our organization.
  • A Director who communicates with the Executive Board about the priorities and resources from the national organization. Keisha Simons-Major has provided her leadership to MASHN for the past four years as our director.
  • New leaders who are ready to step up to the challenge. Kristy Gorman is ready to assume these challenges and so is the rest of our new executive board- Chris Ratych (President Elect), Kim Kupcinski (Secretary), Gennie True (Treasurer), Diane Rocha (Nominating Committee) and Keisha Simons-Major (Nominating Committee).
  • Committed MASHN members. We value our members and are proud of the work they do to promote the academic success of all Maryland students.
And THANK YOU NASN for your guidance and leadership- Happy 50th- we have only just begun!  Mary Nasuta, MS, BSN,RN, NCSN​


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Thanks for sharing the story of your rich history of leadership in school nursing in Maryland. Carol Costante of Maryland also served as President on NASN from 1995-1996 and now calls Delaware home.  Maryland continues its history of strong school nursing leadership as we begin the next 50 years of NASN. 
Kudos to Jan Brant for leading Zumba on the opening day of #NASN2019​  Healthy Nurse. Healthy Nation. #NASNat50