The Journal of School Nursing Podcast - Methods to Reduce Suicidal Behavior

By NASN Profile, Registered Nurse posted 11-21-2017 15:04


The Journal of School Nursing (JOSN) article, Life is Precious: Views of Adolescents and Their Mothers on Methods to Reduce Suicidal Behavior in Latinas, is the focus of the latest JOSN podcast.

Learn more about this article by reading the abstract below, listening to the podcast, and reading the article online.

Life is Precious (LIP) was developed to help reduce suicidal behavior in Latina adolescents. As part of an external evaluation of the LIP program, we conducted focus groups with adolescent participants and mothers to learn whether participants and families believe that the activities of LIP address risks for suicidal behavior. Four focus groups were conducted: three with Latina adolescent LIP participants (n = 31) and one with mothers (n = 8). Transcripts were analyzed using ATLAS.ti. A grounded theory approach was used to identify themes and subthemes. The following themes emerged: (1) challenges contributing to suicidal behavior and self-harm among Latina adolescents, (2) how respondents believe that LIP is helping to reduce suicidal behavior, and 3) ongoing challenges. Participants say that the LIP program helps adolescents feel better and improve social relationships, academic performance, and relationships with their family. School nurses may wish to identify community-based programs offering similar services.