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Students and staff may become ill and display signs of infection that are consistent with COVID 19 while at school. When this happens, if the student or staff is unable to leave school immediately, they will need to be placed in a designated isolation area that is away from other staff and students.

Key Considerations:

  • Designation of an area or room as the ‘isolation room’ that is well ventilated and/or allows for opening windows.
  • School staff are educated on symptoms that are consistent with COVID 19 and students with COVID 19 like symptoms are taken directly to the designated isolation room.
  • Identification of COVID 19 point of contact (POC). COVID-19 Point of Contact (POC) takes students to a designated isolation room or area until transportation can be arranged to send students home or to seek emergency medical attention.
  • Procedures for monitoring students while in isolation.
    • Place in isolation area in a reassuring way
    • Keep students within line of sight of an adult
    • Isolate individuals for shortest time possible
    • Prioritize selecting a room location that has a short exit from the building
    • Isolate individuals separately to prevent unnecessary exposures to COVID-19
  • Guidance required PPE for school nurses, healthcare personnel and school personnel who are caring for individuals with confirmed or suspected COVID-19.
  • Procedures for deep cleaning and disinfection of the isolation room/area and any other spaces or equipment (e.g. desks, workstations, classroom) in which the individual with symptoms was in contact.
  • Applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, ordinances, and other sources of authority, including district and school policies and procedures, and applicable standards of practice.

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