Virtual Hill Day: Tweet Your Member of Congress

When:  May 21, 2019 from 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM (ET)
Associated with  NASN Announcements

This activity is part of NASN's Virtual Hill Day. Learn more about this 3-day event.

Social Media Messages

Hashtags to Use


Handles for all U.S. Senators:

Handles for all U.S. Representatives:

Be sure to use .@ if you are beginning your tweet with a Twitter handle, as indicated below. There is no need for a period before the @ sign if a twitter handle is not in the beginning of the tweet.

Also, please make sure to add NASN’s twitter handle and hashtags @schoolnurses - #VHillDay2019 - #schoolnurses - to the end of all tweets.

Sample Tweets to Use

School nurses play a key role in making sure that children are healthy, safe and ready to learn. (list @Legislatorhandles):, please co-sponsor the NURSE Act. #SchoolNurses4NURSEact #VHillDay2019 #schoolnurses @schoolnurses

Today’s student’s face more medically complex conditions and chronic disease conditions which require the knowledge and assessment skills of a school nurse. (list @Legislatorhandles):, please co-sponsor the NURSE Act. #SchoolNurses4NURSEact #VHillDay2019 #schoolnurses @schoolnurses

Children deserve to have their health needs met during the school day so that they can meet their full potential in school. (list @Legislatorhandles):, please co-sponsor the NURSE Act. #StdtsWantTheNURSEact #VHillDay2019 # @schoolnurses

School nurses promote wellness, chronic disease management and perform early intervention services to reduce barriers to learning. (list @Legislatorhandles):, please co-sponsor the NURSE Act. #SupportTheNURSEact #VHillDay2019 #schoolnurses @schoolnurses

Please feel free to tweet your own message to your Member of Congress. Please include his/or her twitter handle, your message and one of the hashtags along with #VHillDay2019 #schoolnurses and schoolnurses.