Patricia Endsley

2021 NASN Elections

Candidate Data and Statement of View

Nominating Committee

Patricia Endsley, MSN, RN, PhDc

Patricia Endsley

Current NASN Affiliate: Maine Association of School Nurses (MASN)

Major Clinical, Teaching, or Practice Area: Educator, Clinical Research, Secondary School Nurse

Education: University of Missouri, Kansas City, Nursing PhD (PhD candidate as of 3/14/20; SUNY Stonybrook, Nursing/FNP, 2003; St. Anselm College, Nursing, BSN, 1985

Awards, Achievements, and Honors: Sigma Theta Tau: Lambda Phi Chapter Leadership Recognition Award, 2020; Maine ANA/Nurse Executives Advocacy Leadership Recognition Award, 2020; Maine School Nurse of the Year, 2016‐2017

Employment: Wells‐Ogunquit Community School District, Wells High School Nurse, 2005‐Present: Full‐time school nurse and district nurse leader.

Other Significant Positions Held: Pediatric Home Care, Home, Hope and Healing; 2012‐2015; Obstetric and Pediatric Nurse, Wentworth Douglas Hospital, Dover, NH, 1992‐2012

Present NASN Offices/Appointments: NA

Past NASN Offices/Appointments: NA

Present NASN Affiliate Offices/Appointments: MASN President, 2018‐2020

Past NASN Affiliate Offices/Appointments: MASN‐NASN Director, 2010‐2014

Present Offices/Appointments in Other Associations: NA

Past Offices/Appointments in Other Associations: NA

Publications Significant to School Nursing:

Endsley, P. (2017). School Nurse Workload: A Scoping Review of Acute Care, Community Health, and Mental Health Nursing Workload Literature. Journal of School Nursing, 33(1), 43–52.

Endsley, P. (2016). Advocacy and Legislative Engagement: Every School Nurse’s Responsibility. NASN School Nurse (Print), 31(6), 331–334.

Combe, L. G., Bachman, M. B., Dolatowski, R., Endsley, P. E., Hassey, K., Maughan, E., … Zeno, E. (2015). School nurse workload: students are more than just numbers. NASN School Nurse (Print), 30(5), 283–288.

Combe, L. G., Bachman, M. B., Dolatowski, R., Endsley, P. E., Hassey, K., Maughan, E., … Zeno, E. (2015) School Nurse Workload— Staffing for Safe Care. (2015). NASN School Nurse, 30(5), 290–293 4p.

Endsley, P., & Embrey, M. L. (2014). Position statement: Marijuana and children. National Association of School Nurses. Silver Springs MD.

Presentations Significant to School Nursing:

Endsley, P.,Google sites for school nurses . Maine Association of School Nurses District 1 Meeting, March 2014. Sanford, Maine.

Combe, L, Endsley P. Students are more than just numbers”. National Association of School Nurses Annual Conference. June 2014, Philadelphia, PA. Poster Presentation.

Endsley, P., Social media for school nurses”. Maine School Nurse Institute, July 2012. Bates College, Lewiston, ME.

Research Significant to School Nursing: 2018 NASN Research Endowment Grant recipient with Beth Jameson and Lori Anderson Identification of Workload Measurement Indicators for School Nursing Practice

Statement of View:

I write this statement on the eve of the COVID‐19 pandemic. I am proud of my fellow nurses around the world, from every specialty, as they are called to prepare for critically ill patients; and are voices of reason on social media. As with the novel H1N1 outbreak, school nurses are playing a key role in their schools and communities during these frightening and difficult times. School nurses are recognized as trusted leaders in infection control and public health. I am especially proud of our Maine school nurses as we rallied this year with other public health partners, parents, and community members to uphold Maine’s new immunization law that recognizes only medical exemptions for school required vaccinations. We successfully won on a ballot initiative. Maine school nurses were divided on this issue but discussed concerns on our discussion forum with professionalism and dignity. I see more of these challenges ahead for NASN and state affiliates. As a member of the Nominating Committee, I would have the honor of finding school nurses ready to take the challenge of filling officer positions and leading the profession through the next set of challenges. We have our work cut out for us. An ongoing initiative is to further define our workload and safe student care. I challenge all my fellow school nurses to keep as much data as possible to support NASN’s Every Student Counts. This is the only way we can take ownership of our practice in an evidence‐based manner. NASN must continue to promote school nursing leaders comfortable with ongoing data collection to promote change.

This Nominating Committee candidate completed the Nominating Committee process.

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