Mentors for New NASN Members

Are you a new NASN member? The following NASN members have offered to mentor you!

To initiate a message to a mentor, click on a mentor's name and then click on the SEND MESSAGE button. The mentoring program has no specific guidelines. Mentors and new members will determine how they will connect and what the connection entails.

Here are some ideas for you to consider.  Have fun!

  • Establish an informal connection and communicate via email.
  • Set up a time to meet face to face during lunch or on break at the conference.
  • Work towards a more long-lasting connection beyond conference.

Lori Schneider, Alaska 

Brenda Lindahl, Alabama 

Vicki Crump, Arkansas 

Kathryn Launder, Arkansas 

Irene Mendes, California 

Kathy Ryan, California 

Stephanie Yellin-Mednick, California 

Sarah Blumenthal, Colorado 

Eileen Chacon Haban, Colorado 

Elizabeth McDermott, District of Columbia 

Debra Onufrychuk, District of Columbia 

Patricia Tolson, District of Columbia 

Susan Hoffmann, Delaware 

Rebecca King, Delaware 

Jeannette Gollery Kain, Florida 

Lisa Kern, Florida 

Alicia Jordan, Idaho 

Margaret Braden, Illinois 

Rosemary Ciccione, Illinois 

Linda Clarke, Illinois 

Eva Detloff, Illinois 

Anne Joseph, Illinois 

Linda Kimel, Illinois 

Susan Kruckman, Illinois 

Laura Rochkes, Illinois 

Ingrid Thompson, Illinois 

Joyce Darnell, Indiana 

Lindsey Minchella, Indiana 

Andrea Tanner, Indiana 

Appolone Thompson, Indiana 

Marcy Young, Indiana 

Katrina Benyshek, Kansas 

Andrea Ferguson, Louisiana 

Jessica Hanemann, Louisiana 

Roselaine Charlucien-Koech, Massachusetts 

Jenny Gormley, Massachusetts 

Kathleen Hassey, Massachusetts 

Musabwase Mugemana, Massachusetts 

Brenna Quinn, Massachusetts 

Carilyn Rains, Massachusetts 

Donna Lyman, Maryland 

Christine Ratych, Maryland 

Anne Schoendorf, Maryland 

Julia Lechtenberg, Michigan 

Marty Aleman, Minnesota 

Ruth Ellen Luehr, Minnesota 

Susan Nokleby, Minnesota 

Elizabeth Zeno, Minnesota 

Laurie Brierton, Missouri 

Rebecca Cartmill, Missouri 

Marjorie Cole, Missouri 

Deb Cook, Missouri 

Linda Neumann, Missouri 

Robin Wallin, Missouri 

Connie Board, Mississippi 

Donnis Harris, Mississippi 

Tonja Frank, Nebraska 

Laurie Fleming, New Hampshire 

Rose Bauerle, New Jersey 

Sheila Caldwell, New Jersey 

Robin Cogan, New Jersey 

Lillian Farrell, New Jersey 

Eileen Gavin, New Jersey 

Susan Malone, New Jersey 

Ruth Standley, New Jersey 

Renee Turonis, New Jersey 

Constance Griffin, New York 

Diane Kay, New York 

Susan Poli, New York 

Candace Hendershot, Ohio 

Kate King, Ohio 

Kimberly Stanislo, Ohio 

Kathleen Strasser, Ohio 

Therese Upperman, Ohio 

Michele Wilmoth, Ohio 

Nicola Zimmerman, Oregon 

Miyoung Cho, OSHNA 

Richard Danjanic, OSHNA 

Julie Hudson, OSHNA 

Linda Riegsecker de Gabino, OSHNA 

Pearl English, Pennsylvania 

Judith Morgitan, Pennsylvania 

Diane Travis, Pennsylvania 

Alice Uhrich, Pennsylvania 

Kathy Verbel, Pennsylvania 

Sue Breen, Rhode Island 

Rita Kinniburgh, Rhode Island 

Diane Kowal, Rhode Island 

Olive Sease, South Carolina 

Laurie Combe, Texas 

Julie Doerge, Texas 

Gwen Johnson, Texas 

Susan Luethold, Texas 

Francis Luna, Texas 

Amy Marland, Texas 

Majorie Robinson-Vaval, Texas 

Paula Rosas, Texas 

Felicia Barnitt, Virginia 

Tia Campbell, Virginia 

Stefani Lailari, Virginia 

Heather Loushe, Virginia 

Barbara Nowak, Virginia 

Ann Vernon, Virginia 

Barbara Yow, Virginia 

Claire Molner, Vermont 

Sharonlee Trefry, Vermont 

Joyce Ells, Washington 

Lynnette Ondeck, Washington 

Rosemary Dolatowski, Wisconsin 

Louise Wilson, Wisconsin 

Carol Ward, West Virginia  

Ruth Burns, Wyoming 

Alicen Hardy, Wyoming