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NH School Nurses: Leading, Advocating, and Educating

By Laurie Fleming, MPH, NCSN, RN, BS, ADN posted 10-06-2018 22:17


NH School Nurses:  Leading, Advocating, and Educating

The New Hampshire School Nurses’ Association is one of the oldest school nurse organizations in the country.  Officially formed in 1934, New Hampshire school nurses have been serving in NH schools since the early 1900’s.  From the beginning, NH school nurses have successfully worked with teachers and administration to advocate for better health and better learning.  NH is a small state with only 1.3 million residents, and yet there are approximately 550 nurses that work in almost every public school in the state.  Almost half of these nurses belong to the NH School Nurses Association and help the organization advocate, educate, and lead our state to make sure our students are healthy, safe, and ready to learn.  NHSNA joined with NASN at its inception in 1968. 

One of NHSNA’s proudest accomplishments has been collaborating and funding the asthma project which provided inhalers, spacers, and education to over 30 of the schools with the neediest populations.  This also allowed the organization to collect valuable data about how school nurses can help mitigate the adverse effects of asthma during the school day.  The NHSNA has also provided education about the essentials of school nursing services.  NHSNA is also worked very hard to get school nurse certification approved through the Department of Education.  The NHSNA continues to advocate to fill the school nurse consultant position, provide valuable and affordable education in the field of school nursing, and to continue to influence health policy in our state. 

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