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SNSN-SIG Annual Meeting and Educational Program

By Linda Kimel, MSN, RN, CSN posted 06-20-2018 01:16


SNSN-SIG Annual Meeting Saturday, June 30    7-9 PM    Baltimore, MD

We will be holding our annual SNSN-SIG meeting during the NASN Conference in Baltimore.

During our meeting we will have an informative educational presentation.

SIG member Mary Ann Strawhacker will present on Medical Marijuana in Schools.

We hope to see many of you there.

Linda Kimel


Medical Marijuana Program Objectives:

After completion of this program the school nurse will be able to:

  1. Discuss the interaction between state and federal laws related to medical marijuana (MM).
  2. Discuss federal education law and how it limits administration of MM on school grounds.
  3. Cite current research in the use of MM with children.

Presenter's Bio:

MaryAnn Strawhacker MPH, BSN, RN is employed at Heartland AEA as a Special Education Nurse Consultant covering 27 school districts. She just completed year 25 in this role. MayAnn is also an Appointed Adjunct Clinical Instructor for the University of Iowa College of Nursing. In her first year serving as National Director for Iowa, she is lead author for the proposed position statement "Recreational Marijuana Use and Children".  She has a long association with Sunrise River Press and has published multiple chapters in the last three editions of their IHP resource textbook. Over the last 20 years MaryAnn has published articles in the Journal of School Nursing, NASN Nurse, and 504 Compliance Advisor. 

Agenda for the SNSN-SIG Annual Meeting Saturday, June 30    7-9 PM                           

7 pm - Call to Order

  1. Welcome and introduction of Leaders - Lindsey Minchella
  2. Review of SNSN-SIG Mission - Lindsey Minchella
  3. Review of Annual Report - Linda Kimel
  4. Introduce the Outstanding School Nurse of the Year for Students with Special Needs award winner
  5. Discuss Leaders for the coming year - Lindsey Minchella
  6. Announcements and comments from members - Linda Kimel
  7. Educational Offering: Medicinal Marijuana- presented by SIG member MaryAnn Strawhacker, MPH, BSN, RN, Special Education Nurse Consultant, Iowa, Heartland AEA 11; NASN Director Iowa
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06-21-2018 08:19

​Is this session o n Thursday or Friday evening?  The date says Thursday June 30, but Thursday is June 28. 

Thank you for clarifying.