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Let Your Creative Juices Flow at NASN2018 - Design a "I Am A School Nurse!" Poster

By Margaret Cellucci posted 06-08-2018 16:44

Okay, so close your eyes and imagine this --- hundreds of school nurses holding creatively designed "I Am A School Nurse!" posters all standing together for a photo op! That would be an awesome photo and great for social media!

Here's the poster that New Jersey School Nurses created during their spring conference. It made quite the rounds on Twitter! 


You will have the opportunity to make such a poster during NASN2018! It doesn't have to be this large, but definitely big enough to make an impression. Again, just imagine all of you holding hundreds of posters that say, "I Am A School Nurse!" for a photo that will then be posted on social media! Twitter would look amazing with hundreds of such creative works of art highlighting school nurses. A great visual indeed! 

Just look for the ART SPACE at conference!

We will have an "art" table set up with all kinds of fun art supplies - including poster board - for you to roll up your sleeves and design either an individual poster or a collective Affiliate poster. This ART SPACE will be located near the social media Selfie backdrop allowing you to immediately snap a great photo with you, or your group, holding the poster and post it to Twitter and Facebook. Remember, when you post during NASN2018 be sure to include the hashtag  #NASN2018 and include the NASN Twitter handle  @schoolnurses.   ​​​

All you have to do is make your way to the ART SPACE and bring your creative spirit to construct a beautiful "I Am A School Nurse!" poster! 

This is going to be fun!

See you soon in Baltimore for NASN2018!

Margaret Cellucci



06-11-2018 10:44

Looks like fun!  I hope my roommates will help me create an awesome poster.

06-10-2018 18:01

Woohoo! This will be fun! Looking forward to sharing the project!
Excited to try.  While crafting is not my go to, School nursing is.  Can't wait to see everyone with their own sign.