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Please review the FAQ on NASN.org.

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A contact is another person on SchoolNurseNet that has accepted your contact request. Contacts are added to a contact list. To add someone to your contact list, find the person in the directory and click on the contact request button. A contact list can save you time with searching for the same individuals again and again in the directory. You can also allow your contacts to see parts of your profile that are kept hidden to others by adjusting your privacy settings.  Once you have a contact list, it is found in your profile under my connections > contacts.

A network is one way SchoolNurseNet helps you find others with similar demographics.  You can see the networks you are in by going to your profile and locating my connections > networks.

A community is a group of individuals organized around a common interest. Community members can participate in discussions and share resources with each other in the community.  There is also a community directory.  The main community is the All Member Forum.  All NASN members are automatically added to this community.  Go to my communities for a list of your communities.  Go to all communities to find other communities available to you.


To receive an email immediately when a discussion thread has a reply or a blog post has a comment, find the word Follow at the top of a discussion or blog post and click on it.  If you do not see the word Follow, it is because you are already receiving the discussion in real time (immediately when a discussion thread has a reply) or you have turned off participation emails.  All of the discussions and other posts you are following are stored in your profile under my connections > following.

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Email Preferences
In addition to discussion list email messages, other messages can be sent through SchoolNurseNet. These are the messages that are stored in your inbox (see the inbox explanation above). These other messages are organized into groups called system emails, community emails, social emails, and promotional emails. System emails are generated from the the SchoolNurseNet software. Community emails are generated by NASN and NASN affiliate and community leaders. Social emails are not currently used. Promotional emails are very rare and are sent to individuals not having an NASN membership. You can opt out of community, social and/or promotional emails by going to your profile, selecting my account, and then selecting email preferences.

RSS Feeds

Community Notifications
Community notifications can also be called discussion list delivery options.  Every community has a discussion list.  You will choose how to receive mail from the discussion list.  The options are real time, daily digest or no email. If you choose no email, you will still be a community member and can still view discussions in the community online and post a discussion message.  Review your community notifications in your profile under my account > community notifications.

Discussion Signature
When you post a message to a discussion list, a signature is appended.  The default signature has your first name, last name, credentials (designation), title, employer, city, state, and country.  You can edit this in your profile under my account > discussion signature.

My Inbox

You can send direct email messages to anyone on SchoolNurseNet by selecting the send message button on someone's profile. When you send or receive a direct message, the messages are stored in your inbox. Your inbox is located in your profile, under my account. Please note that you cannot send a message to more than one person at the same time. To send a message to more than one person at the same time, the individuals would need to be organized into a community.