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The Who, What and Why of the Designated State Data Champion

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Why do we need to collect data?

Collecting data in the same way allows us to aggregate the data across the nation. Having a Designated State Data Champion, who is in sync with this initiative, assures that the data will be uniform and meet the designated timelines. Ultimately, school nursing data collection will help to demonstrate the unique and critical contributions to the health of school-age children.

Who is responsible for overseeing data collection at the State level?

The Designated State Data Champion (DSCD) is a person identified in the state to be the point person for the state’s data collection. In most states with a State School Nurse Consultant(s), the Consultant has agreed to be the DSCD. In states without a Consultant, a school nurse in the state has agreed to be the point person. The National Association of School Nurses (NASN) and the National Association of State School Nurse Consultants (NASSNC) have worked with the State School Consultants and the state school nurse association to identify the DSCD and to confirm their willingness to assume this role.

What are the responsibilities of the Designated State Data Champion?

The DSCD is responsible developing a process for receiving the data in aggregate form from schools (districts, public, private, charter, parochial, or other) and providing the data to a national database. The DSCD is also the designated liaison with the national NASN/NASSNC leadership group and local/state/regional stakeholders, and will be listed as the state data champion on the NASN and NASSNC Step Up & Be Counted! websites. The DSCD, along with other school nursing leaders and data champions in the state will also promote the program to all school nurses in the state, letting them know of the data points to be collected and invite them to be part of the initiative.

When will data be collected?

The Designated State Data Champion will provide the requested aggregate data to the national database at the end of each school year. Due to various systems in place in the state, the DSCD will identify appropriate dates they will need the data from local districts.

Where are the data and where are the tools?

Data collection tools are available on both the NASN and NASSNC websites. Data collection begins at the local level within the schools or state agencies.

How will the Designated State Data Champion collect data?

The NASN/NASSNC Step Up! leadership has developed tools for this initiative that can be found on the Step Up & Be Counted! website ( or Some of the available tools are: Talking Points, Frequently Asked Questions, Power Point, and Poster. Designated State Data Champion s may share these materials with local school nurses via email, or in person at conferences, meetings, list serves or other venues. As we collect these data, we will be testing a variety of methods to collect, aggregate and report the data at the state and national level. The DSCD will learn how to actually collect standardized data from within his or her state and deliver it to the national database to be determined.


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