Data Collection

Although the activities school nurses engage in and the data they collect during the COVID-19 pandemic may be a bit different than typical years, school nurses should still collect data. Data provides a means for school nurses to tell their story and show their important role during the pandemic and is a fundamental part of school nursing. Examples of data points to collect during this year include:.

  • Number of virtual visits.
  • Number of COVID-19 educational sessions broken down by audience: students, staff, parents.
  • Number of parent communications (phone, email, virtual meetings).
  • Number of COVID-19 contact tracing.
  • Number of students identified by the school nurse for being at risk.
    • And interventions delivered by the school nurse to address need, including population mental health.
  • Percentage of students contacted by school nurse (broken down by race/ethnicity, free/reduced lunch, disability).
    • And any specific outcomes, such as improved engagement or attendance, improved health, or other needs met.
  • Of unengaged or chronically absents students, the percentage of students contacted by school nurse.
    • And any specific outcomes from your interactions such as resources provided, or referrals made.
  • Number of COVID-19 screenings (and types of symptoms exhibited to warrant the screening).
  • Number of COVID-19 cases.
  • Number of times an isolation room was set up for a suspected case – number of people in the isolation room simultaneously.
  • Number of teacher communications (phone, email, virtual meetings).
  • Number of administrator communications (phone, email, virtual meetings).
  • Number of health department and health care provide communications (phone, email, virtual meetings).
  • Number of school nurse communications, internal and external for consultation (phone, email, virtual meetings).

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