Sunny Thomas Memorial Award

"Sunny was a nursing leader who crossed the Nursing and Education disciplines to build school nursing in Texas. She was foremost in realizing that we needed to keep school nurses current in the minds of all, not just ourselves. she worked with a group of School Nurse Administrators to develop our original school nurse logo with the apple and the nurse's cap. She said that visibility is the essence, so no job was too small. If there is a need - do it. Become a valuable resource to your district. Branch out of the clinic, become a leader - "Sparkle NURSES Sparkle." Vincy Dunn RN, MSN, FNASN

Guidelines/Criteria & Online Application

Purpose: To promote continuing education for the school nurse.

Award: Provides up to $1,000 stipend to one Texas school nurse to attend NASN conference.


  • Applicant must be:

    1. A registered professional nurse.

    2. A member of TSNO/NASN currently and for the two preceding years.

  • Applicant must have five years experience- who has as primary assignment, the administration, education or provision of school health services.

  • Applicant should be active on region level.

  • Applicant must have attended TSNO conference twice in past three years and be in attendance at TSNO conference at time of drawing.

  • Applicant may not be on the TSNO Executive Committee or be an officer of NASN at the time of application.

Procedure for Submission of Application: Must submit:

  • Completed TSNO Application Form. 

  • One page Curriculum Vitae separate from essay

  • One page, typed, double spaced essay describing what school nursing means to applicant, region involvement, and importance of attending NASN conference and what applicant will do with the knowledge gained.

Application must be postmarked NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 27. TSNO will reimburse NASN conference registration for award winner. Award winner will make own hotel and travel arrangements for NASN Conference. Travel reimbursement should be based on Travelocity lowest airfare available with total of all expenditure reimbursement (conference fee, hotel and travel) not to exceed one thousand dollars. Receipts should be submitted to TSNO Treasurer with Expense Reimbursement Voucher within 30 days after close of NASN conference.

Award will be used at the next scheduled NASN conference after award announced at TSNO conference. Award packet will include certificate, expense voucher and information letter.

Previous Winners:

2017 Denise Kablatis, Reg 13
2015 Yvonne Clark, Reg 4

2014 Karen Schwind, Reg 13

2013 Kathy Powell, Reg 10 

2012 Joan Rinert Cary, Reg 10

2011 Art Oaxaca, Reg 19

2010 Brenda Clarke