Frequently Asked Questions

Does my district need to work with a physician for the purchase of an AED?
Yes, a physician is required to write a prescription for the purchase of the AED and to ensure the compliance of the training program.

Does my district need to train our staff on using an AED?
Yes, all users must be trained in CPR and AED in accordance with the American Heart Association, American Red Cross or other nationally recognized standards

Will the AED require regular maintenance and testing?
Yes, the AED will need to be maintained and test per manufacturer’s instructions.

Does my district need to notify the local EMS that we have an AED(s)?
Yes, you must notify the EMS of the receipt of an AED, location and manufacturer of the AED.

What should I look for when purchasing an AED?
1. How long has the company been producing AED’s?
2. What type of warranty does the manufacturer provide?
3. What are the maintenance requirements?
4. What is the turn-around time for replacement of a defective AED?
5. How easy is it to install upgrades?
6. Compare 3 AED’s for:
  * Ease of use – voice prompts easy to understand
  * Battery length
  * Overall size and weight
  * What are the replacement costs for:
    - Batteries
    - Pads

New Law for AEDs 2021


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