Position/Office Details

NASN members may self-nominate by completing the full application packet described below under Applicant Responsibilities and submitting the packet to the chair of the nominating committee prior to April 15th.

Qualifications for NASN Office

  1. Be a current active NASN member who is working in the field of school nursing and who has been a member of NASN for no less than four consecutive years immediately prior to nomination.
  2. Be a current active member of an affiliate association.
  3. Have served on the NASN Board of Directors for at least one term or served as an officer of an affiliated organization for at least one term.
  4. The candidates nominated for nominating committee membership shall meet requirements one and two above and shall have served on the NASN Board of Directors.
  5. Nominated candidates for office, if elected, may not serve concurrently as an officer of an affiliate association or as an NASN Director. If elected to NASN office, they must resign from any elected affiliate position or office.
  6. NASN members may self-nominate by completing the full application described below under Applicant Responsibility and submitting the application and additional documents required prior to midnight (ET) April 15.

Officer/Nominating Committee Applicant Responsibilities

Each potential candidate shall complete and submit the following forms via email to the nominating committee chair no later than midnight (ET) April 15:


  • Packets received after the deadline and incomplete packets will not be considered.
  • All applications will be reviewed by the nominating committee, and the final slate for election will include only those applicants nominated by the committee.
  • Candidates agree to participate in Meet the Candidate activities. NASN will provide a process for candidates to speak to members virtually and respond to questions offered by the membership.

Timeline for Candidates

March 15: Confirm potential candidacy with Nominating Committee contact
April 15-Midnight (ET): Email complete application and supporting documents to nominating committee chair
May 20: Successful candidates notified by nominating committee chair
September 1: Candidate may notify affiliate
October 1: NASN posts candidate information
January 1: Candidate may begin campaigning (see guidelines)
March 15-April 15: Member Voting
May 1: President contacts all candidates with the results of the election
Conference Annual Meeting: Installation of elected officers

Responsibilities and Duties


In addition to duties listed in the other NASN governing documents and prescribed by the parliamentary authority adopted by the corporation, the NASN secretary/treasurer shall:

  • Record and maintain the minutes of all meetings of the executive committee and board of directors, and the NASN Annual Meeting.
  • Serve as chair of the finance committee, the investment advisory committee, and the professional practice document advisory committee and submit written reports of the activities of these committees to the executive committee and board of directors.
  • Monitor the development of the annual budget, including restricted and unrestricted funds.
  • Monitor activities of the endowment fund and report to the executive committee and BOD
  • Monitor NASN monthly financial reports of the chief financial officer.
  • Monitor NASN investment accounts to ensure compliance with board policies.
  • Correspond with strategic committee co-leaders, executive committee, and board of directors regarding all budget requests.
  • Lead the review and update of NASN Board Standing Rules and How2Guides that pertain to financial operation and activities of NASN.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the president.

Vice President

In addition to duties listed in the other NASN governing documents and prescribed by the parliamentary authority adopted by the corporation, the NASN vice President shall:

  • Assist the president-elect with review of the BSR and How2Guides
  • Oversee, in collaboration with the NASN meeting planner, the Excellence in School Nursing recognition activities
  • Serve as chair of the strategic committee related to membership.
  • Serve as the chair of the Recognition and Distinguished Service awards meetings of the executive committee.
  • Serve as liaison to NASN Special Interest Groups, and other groups as assigned.
  • Collaborate with assigned NASN staff to conduct an annual meeting of the continuing education provider unit committee.
  • Coordinate with the president-elect to provide an orientation session for NASN board mentors each fall.
  • Provide strategic oversight for the NASN online communities to identify newly developing and current issues in school nursing, and to provide reports to the board of directors.
  • Serve as a liaison on the National Board for Certification of School Nurses, if nationally certified, and as assigned by the President.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the president.


In addition to duties listed in the other NASN governing documents and prescribed by the parliamentary authority adopted by the corporation, the NASN president-elect shall:

  • Work closely with the president to coordinate the work of the organization in order to assume leadership and to provide continuity in transition to president.
  • Serve as liaison to American Academy of Pediatrics Council on School Health (COSH) and other groups as assigned by the president.
  • Work with the president and executive director to coordinate the affiliate leadership meeting at the annual conference.
  • Chair the review of the NASN Board Standing Rules and How2Guides.
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of the bylaws committee and participate in bylaw review process.
  • Facilitate the orientation for new directors each fall with a follow up in spring.
  • Facilitate board development and understanding of board governance.
  • Perform other duties as directed by the president


In addition to duties listed in the other NASN governing documents and prescribed by the parliamentary authority adopted by the corporation, the NASN president shall:

  • Serve as the chief elected officer, representative, and spokesperson of the association.
  • Promote the mission and goals of NASN
  • Regularly communicate with the executive committee, board of directors, and NASN staff through a monthly letter/blog.
  • Communicate with the general membership through the president’s message in NASN School Nurse and the NASN Weekly Digest.
  • Develop the agenda and preside at all meetings of the board of directors, the executive committee, and the membership.
  • Hold, with the exception of June and July, monthly executive committee meetings, unless otherwise determined by the executive committee.
  • Install new NASN officers and directors.
  • Assist with new officer and director transitions.
  • Facilitate orientation for new executive committee members.
  • Appoint strategic committee co-leaders and members, subject to the approval of the executive committee.
  • Establish and appoint the membership and chairs of committees/task forces as deemed necessary.
    • Bylaws Committee (BSR 12.05)
    • Endowment Allocation Advisory Committee (BSR 12.07c.)
    • Endowment Fundraising Committee (BSR 12.07b)
    • Endowment Fund Research Grants Committee (BSR 12.07e)
    • Fellows of the National Association of School Nursing Selection Committee (BSR 12.08)
    • Investment Advisory Committee (BSR 8.05)
    • Journal of School Nursing Editorial Advisory Board (BSR 12.03)
    • NASN Scholarship Committee (BSR 12.07d.)
    • NASN School Nurse Editorial Advisory Board (BSR 12.04)
    • Research Advisory Committee (BSR 12.06)
  • Facilitate the elections of Nominating Committee members
  • Recommend to the executive committee continued affiliations or participation with external groups/organizations.
  • Appoint liaisons and representatives with input from the executive director and executive committee

Nominating Committee Elected Member

  • Seek out qualified candidates for office and determine their eligibility as outlined in the NASN Bylaws and How2Guides.
  • Refer potential candidates to the online NASN Election Site for election guidelines and information.
  • Review each potential candidate’s documentation prior to the nominating virtual meeting(s).
  • Work as a committee to compile a qualified slate of candidates for submission to the president. The nominating committee seeks to nominate at least two candidates for each office.
  • Report to the board of directors each year at the board meeting preceding the annual meeting and present the slate of candidates at that time.
  • Work with the NASN president-elect to review the How2Guide and makes recommendations to the executive committee for revisions.
  • The nominating committee also oversees the credentialing procedure at the annual meeting.

Candidate Forms

Form 301: Candidate Data Form

Form 302: Candidate Statement of View

Form 306: Template for Employee Letter of Support