Cost-Benefit Analysis

In 2014 “Cost-benefit study of school nursing services," a case study of the Massachusetts Essential School Health Services program delivered by full-time registered school nurses, was published (Wang et al). As the first economic study of school nursing services, it has drawn strong interest from school nurses, physicians, as well as legislators at both state and Congress level. There has been a growing interest in replicating this study in other states or districts.

To meet the request for assistance, the authors constructed a spreadsheet-based Excel model and data collection instruments to support states and districts to collect data and perform cost-benefit analyses of their own programs. The material is found here.

For questions regarding the process please contact Li Yan Wang

Instructions for data collection and analysis.

Spreadsheet model testing:

  1. Sheet 1. Annual summary of state or district level health service activities.
  2. Sheet 2. Annual medical procedures costs if performed by physicians or nurses in a medical setting.
  3. Sheet 3. Productivity loss costs and costs of school nursing services.

Daily nurse data collection form.

Teacher Survey Questionnaire

Page published March 2016.