Fellow of the National Academy of School Nursing Forms and Descriptions

Nominations are due by November 30th.  

Form 308: Read this document before starting the application process. 

Form 308: Information and Fellow Application Directions

This form guides petitioners and nominees through the nomination process.

Form 304: Complete and submit this form and all supporting documents, except form 309, as one PDF file.

Form 304: Nominee Information Form

Save this form to your computer.  Key or type information into the form.  Re-save the form to your computer.  Combine the completed form with candidate letter, recommendation letter from petitioner (1 page limit), two letters of recommendation (1 page limit each), and a curriculum vitae (no longer than 6 pages).  Submit one PDF file containing all of these documents.

Form 309: Complete and submit this Excel form as a separate file but with the PDF document file described above.

Form 309: Criteria and Activity Statements

Save this form to your computer.  Key or type information into the form.  The form has nine (9) worksheets.  Click on the worksheet tabs across the bottom of the file to move from one worksheet to the next.  Re-save the form to your computer as you complete it.  Submit this Excel file with the PDF document file.

Form 305: Use this form to review your two files; form 304 and supporting documents, and form 309, before submitting the nomination.

Form 305: Initial Review Check-off List

This form provides the petitioner and nominee with a check list to review before the nomination paperwork is submitted.