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National Association of School Nurses Develops New Tool to Address the Opioid Epidemic in America's Schools

By NASN Inc posted 03-12-2017 20:09


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For Immediate Release
September 14, 2016
Contact: Margaret Cellucci, Director of Communications / 240-247-1628


Naloxone in Schools Toolkit is a new, comprehensive resource to assist school nurses and leaders to prepare and respond to a potential overdose in a school setting.

Silver Spring, MD (September 14, 2016) – The National Association of School Nurses (NASN) today introduced the Naloxone in Schools Toolkit as part of the association’s proactive efforts to educate school communities about the country’s ongoing opioid epidemic. The toolkit includes training presentations and resources to help school nurses, leaders, and community members take the appropriate steps to identify and react to a possible opioid overdose in a school setting.

The school nurse is not only a leader in student health, but is often the first on the scene of an emergency in a school setting. As more overdoses occur in non-medical settings, it’s critical that school nurses are informed about the ongoing opioid epidemic, and armed with the information they need to make educated choices about overdose preparedness, including storing naloxone, the opioid antidote, on campus. The toolkit includes resources for school nurses, leaders, and community members to learn more about overdose protocols and best practices, as well as information about the formulations of naloxone currently available.

“The opioid epidemic is a national crisis that has crept into our schools,” said NASN President Beth Mattey, MSN, RN, NCSN. “This toolkit can help school nurses, leaders, and community members address the possibility of an opioid drug overdose and learn what options are available to help prepare before it’s too late.”

The toolkit was made possible by an unrestricted and unbranded grant from Adapt Pharma, to support education about opioid overdose.

“We applaud the ongoing proactive efforts by NASN to work directly with students and families to encourage emergency preparedness and education in our country’s schools surrounding the ongoing opioid overdose epidemic,” said Seamus Mulligan, Chairman and CEO of Adapt Pharma. “We hope these resources will help school communities host a discussion about the best ways to help ensure students live long and healthy lives.”

The Naloxone in Schools Toolkit is available for download on NASN’s website.

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