School Nurse Administrators

In June 2015, the NASN Board of Directors approved a petition to recognize the School Nurse Administrators as a Special Interest Group (SIG).

NASN members with an interest in or responsibility for administration of school health services programs and/or supervision of school nurse practice and performance meet eligibility for the group.

Group Leaders

Co- Chairpersons: Nancy Manzo-Mattucci & Michelle Weinraub

Co-Secretaries: Kimberly Kasitz & Sue Mitchell

Community Discussion List Monitor: Lynnette Ondeck

Issues of Importance

Transition to electronic health records.

Comprehensive evaluation tool development.

Preconference content at the NASN Annual Conference geared to school nurse administrators.

Recognition for the SIG.

Educational Topics

Ways to promote role and importance of school nurses and health services (how they impact students; what data makes a difference)

Staffing (workload and types of models or ratios to use)

Tools to use to orient nurses and administrators

Best practice in professional development and monitoring competency


Outstanding School Nurse Administrator Award

Online Community and Discussion List on SchoolNurseNet

The School Nurse Administrators Community on SchoolNurseNet enables members to network with their colleagues throughout the year.