2020 NASN Election 

Candidates listed below have completed the Nominating Committee process and are running for office.  Before you vote, get to know these candidates by reading their candidate data and statements of view.  Click on each candidate's name to view.

All votes will be cast online unless a paper ballot is requested.  See details to request a paper ballot at the bottom of this web page.

Online ballots can be cast beginning March 15, 2020.  Voting will close promptly on April 15, 2020 at midnight Eastern.

Vice President Candidates

Carol Ward, West Virginia
Alicia Jordan, Idaho
Lynnette Ondeck, Washington
Lisa Sicilio, Texas

Nominating Committee Candidates

Lynne Meadows, Georgia
Brenda Lindahl, Alabama
Claire Molner, Vermont

How to request a paper ballot: Send a request to Devin Dinkel at ddinkel@naasn.org.  Enter requesting a paper ballot in the subject line.  Enter your name, mailing address, and NASN ID in the body of the email.  Paper ballots will be mailed in Early March.  If you request a paper ballot, you will be unable to vote online.

Meet the Candidates - NASN Elections 2020