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Community Giveback Project

By Devin Dinkel posted 06-17-2019 06:12


Project Worthmore is the 2019 NASN Community Giveback Award winner!

Project Worthmore responds to the need for assistance of refugee families in Colorado. Their vision is a world in which all people are valued, included, and empowered.  NASN will support Project Worthmore with a service project at NASN2019 in Denver, Colorado.

From their start offering makeshift English classes in living rooms, Project Worthmore now offers 6 comprehensive programs to thousands of refugee clients including, a community farm, dental clinic, foods share, community navigators, and family partners. Around ½ of their staff are from the refugee community, helping to better listen, empower, and support those who have come here to rebuild their lives.

To participate in supporting Project Worthmore, please bring some of the following care package items with you to the conference. If you want, bring an old t-shirt or pillowcase along with care package items and then create a DIY tote to hold the items using DIY supplies available on site.

Thank you for your support of Project Worthmore!

Care package items requested

  • Liquid laundry detergent 100 oz bottle
  • Dish soap 18-32 oz
  • Shampoo and conditioner 13.5 oz bottle
  • Jasmine rice 2-5 lb bag
  • Cooking oil 24 -48 oz
  • All-purpose cleaner 32 oz
  • Bar soap
  • Soft soap
Project Worthmore
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Good Day NASN 2019 attendees!  I wanted to add an item to the list of care package items for the NASN 2019 Service Project in support of Project Worthmore  NASN 2019 Community Giveback Award winner.  Please include menstrual products, #PeriodPower.  These difficult to afford necessities are much needed!  Below is a reminder of the project.  I hope you'll all include some of these items in your luggage along with an old t-shirt for the DIY tote to hold the care package items.

Participate in the NASN 2019 Service Project. See Project Worthmore Care Project Program. 
1. Donate used amenities from your hotel room (soap, bottles, etc.)
2. Bring an old t-shirt or pillowcase from home to the Service Project and make a DIY tote, (see attached)!
3. Bring items from home to donate to the Care Project Program, including menstrual products/supplies!