5 Health Hazards of Toxic Relationships

By Edward Dominguez posted 06-22-2020 23:37


Toxic relationships are becoming a common feature of modern-day life with rapidly changing lifestyles and social standards. Many people are finding themselves in negative relationships that could potentially put their health at risk and they have no clue. 

These toxic relationships account for increasing cases of depression, stress, and anxiety with high chances of escalating to serious heart problems if one does not walk away. Here are five health hazards of toxic relationships.

How to tell a relationship is toxic

People in a toxic relationship may often not know their state and will continue to suffer from no clue to the cause of their angst. When a relationship becomes toxic, your partner turns jealous and exhibits signs of infidelity. 

This is when you need to install a phone tracker app on his/her phone to monitor the movements and know if some other things are happening behind your back.

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Emotional distress

A toxic relationship can lead to extreme cases of anxiety and emotional distress, which, experts are pointing out, correlates with increased risk of developing other physical health complications. In a recent study examining psychological distress, a link emerged between this condition and the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, and obstructive pulmonary disease.

Walk away from a relationship that continuously spikes your emotional distress and drives you into depression. Better yet, seek help from counseling and medical professionals to reclaim your sanity and self-esteem before it escalates with dire consequences.

Effects of stress on your body

Unchecked stress will cause you multiple complications that can make your life quite uncomfortable. Stress from a toxic relationship can turn chronic from long-term exposure if the victim does not walk away. Physical complications will include constant fatigue, headaches, chest, and muscle pains, sleep problems, and low sex drive.

What this does is to mess up your lifestyle completely besides complicating your health. You must seek professional help to diagnose the cause when you start feeling any or most of these symptoms. Whatever the case, it is your life, and the power to take charge is in your hands.

Effects of emotional stress on your personality

The physical symptoms generated by emotional stress from a toxic relationship are not only uncomfortable but also lead to other character-altering complications. These complications will comprise bouts of anxiety, depression, and feeling sad for no apparent reason. The victim will also feel restless and unable to concentrate with a feeling of overwhelming hopelessness.

An otherwise previously calm and composed person will start lashing out at others without provocation. You will suddenly become irritable and angry over minor incidents and this is bound to complicate your relationship with other people around you. This is what a toxic relationship can reduce the victim to if no remedial measures are not taken in good time. 

Behavior change

One consequence of a toxic relationship for the suffering party is social withdrawal that, in turn, leads to impulsive behavior. When depressed, people often seek escape in substance abuse to hide their problems. One of these is changed eating habits that are both harmful to health – obesity or anorexia. 

Depression may drive one into tobacco, drug, and alcohol abuse as a means of trying to cope in a toxic relationship. A sense of carelessness creeps in and one stops minding personal hygiene and fitness while further complicating their health.