Thank You School Nurses!

By Kim Kroll posted 03-21-2017 15:48


Keeping Our Kids Afloat

Dear School Nurse,

Panic set in when my son was diagnosed with diabetes at 9 years old. Chase required a new diet, a new language, and an unfamiliar medical regime. And what I was least prepared for was leaving him in someone else’s charge. How could Chase go to school for seven hours without me watching over him?

The compassion, ability, and sheer brilliance of Chase’s school nurse were a great comfort to me. She was available to Chase during all hours of the school day and already knew how best to care for him. Moreover, she took the time to assuage my anxieties, explaining his routine and a plan for emergencies. She educated teachers and staff right away so that they would be confidently prepared to teach a child with diabetes. During school, I knew Chase was under the watchful eye of his school nurse, and instead of the school day becoming a time of fear for me, it became a time to breathe easier.

Not all children live with chronic diseases. But all parents still worry. Every morning as we send our sons and daughters into the choppy, swirling waters of public school, it is counter intuitive for us to walk willingly away from our children. Parents want to hang on; we want to go where our children go.

Thankfully, we know our children have a life jacket: you, our school nurse. In measured doses, you give us parents peace of mind and keep our little ones afloat.

And as our kids grow through adolescence and enter adulthood, you are there. Their needs change and you comply. You keep them safe on the tennis courts and on the wrestling mats. You watch over them on field trips and at blood drives. You provide for their growing needs by offering screenings, referrals, and health education. You keep them ready to learn!

When we visit your office to pick up our sick child or drop off medicines, we see the stacks of paperwork. We realize that every time we sign one document, you sign many more. Even still, we know that much of your work is done below the waters, unbeknownst to us.

We know that most of your efforts go unrecognized and, many days, you might feel unappreciated. We hope the daily whirlpool of activity provides you with satisfaction. Your career is worthwhile, your time is well-spent, and your ripples are far-reaching.

So, on School Nurses Day, on behalf of all caregivers, we’d like to say "Thank You." As you deal with the physical ailments, the emotional scars, the mental anxiety, the hunger pains, and so much more…we applaud you. We applaud your intelligence, your patience, your time, and your compassion. Thank you for protecting and strengthening our children’s lives and enhancing their learning environment. Thank you for always keeping our children afloat. Your impact is felt and appreciated.

On behalf of moms and dads everywhere, THANK YOU for a job well done!



04-06-2018 09:24

Thank you Kim! I concur with Nancy. I feel so isolated and alone and always feel forgotten. I am only remembered when something bad happens and/or people (staff or parents) need my help personally. Some people believe we are not "Real Nurses" because of our setting. It is so far from the truth. I have been an ER/ED nurse, OR Circulating Nurse and a Mental Health Nurse. I will tell you this is as close to ER as you can get. (School Nursing). People forget we have special needs children that require many invasive procedures, Children with chronic and severe diagnosis, on top of all the "Healthy " kids we get during a day. Nurses in a hospital may have 5 or 6 patients, and while I understand that case load, I see an average of 30 kids a day and that doesn't include My kids that receive daily medications or my diabetic babies. All of this to say again, Thank you for taking a few moments out of your day to acknowledge us. You just have no idea how much it means. I am even tearing up while writing this, because I have felt so unappreciated and like a ghost lately. Your story made my day and I am sure many other's as well! God Bless you! Misty Harrison, RN Pasadena ISD TX

04-21-2017 16:32

Thank you Kim! As a mom of a child who was diagnosed with diabetes at 11, I can totally relate to your story.  I thank you for your kind words, this week has been especially trying for me and reading your kind words only tells me that what we as school nurses do everyday is well worth it!! Thank you once again.

04-07-2017 13:07

Thank you, Kim, for your wonderful words of encouragement and thanks.  Some days I do feel like I'm not appreciated for what I know and do. Your words help remind me of my importance to students and staff and the community.  Thank you for that uplifting message!

04-02-2017 17:24

One spring I had five students newly diagnosed in less than 4 months.  I think it is reassuring to parents to know that an educated nurse is available to assist their children in managing a complicate chronic health condition.  I am so happy to guide them and teach them to becoming independent in their care.  Yay for school nurses!

03-30-2017 13:57

Thank you Kim for writing this and thank you NASN for sharing it with us. One letter like this keeps me remembering why I am here and doing what I do. Because, I want each and every one of these students to have the best education and best school experience that they possibly can no matter what!
Doris Kain, BSN, RN
Kennebunk, ME