Tune In to Safe Healthcare: A CDC Webinar Series

CDC, in collaboration with various clinical partners, presents this webinar series, which focuses on a variety of infection control and prevention topics. These webinars feature CDC and external experts and serve as a tool to educate healthcare providers on best practices to improve patient safety. Webinars are offered free of cost with an opportunity to earn continuing education. Learn more and access webinars.

Empowering Nurses to Protect Themselves and Their Patients: Disaster Preparedness through the Seasons

This webinar is part of the Tune In to Safe Healthcare series and the NICE Network series.  It features Jade Bland-Slaffey, NASN's nursing education and practice specialist. Learn more.

HPV Vaccination at 11 and 12 as a Standard of Care (CE from the CDC)

Although HPV vaccination rates are rising, there are still too many unvaccinated boys and girls left vulnerable to devastating HPV cancers later in life. Vaccination could prevent most of these cancers. Healthcare professionals are parents most trusted source of health information for their children, and CDC has tips to help them make effective HPV vaccine recommendations at 11- and 12-years-old. In this CME, you'll learn how clinicians can and have been successful making HPV vaccine recommendations. In addition, they discuss how they effectively answer parents' questions and communicate HPV vaccination information to parents and patients. Learn more.

CDC Training on Antibiotic Stewardship (CE from the CDC)

NICE Network has launched the first module of its online antibiotic stewardship course. The course objectives include optimizing antibiotic prescribing and use to protect patients and combat the threat of antibiotic resistance, informing healthcare professionals about proper antibiotic use, and encouraging open discussion among doctors and patients. The information is easily transferred to school nursing practice to create a dialogue with families and students about the risk of antibiotic resistance. The second module is expected to be launched in May with additional sections to be released throughout the year. Register here. Learn more.

Hand Hygiene Courses for Healthcare Providers

The CDC offers to education courses; Hand Hygiene & Other Standard Precautions to Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections, and Hand Hygiene, Glove Use, and Preventing Transmission of C.difficile. Access these courses.

Respiratory Protection for Healthcare Workers

This program consists of two 18-minute training programs. At the completion of this training and the accompanying evaluation tool, you will be awarded 1 CNE. Visit the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses website for more information. Scroll down the page to the section that begins with the text are you a frontline or ancillary healthcare worker who.

The CDC and Medscape address key issues surrounding infection prevention in healthcare facilities in the following webinar topics. Webinars are offered by the CDC and hosted through Medscape. Learners will need to have or create a Medscape user account in order to participate.

Risk Recognition in Healthcare Settings 

Environmental Services and Infection Prevention 

Recognizing Infection Risks in Medical Equipment 

Infection Transmission Risks Associated with Nonsterile Glove Use 

Nursing Infection Control Education Network