National Association of School Nurses is accredited with distinction as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.

Collaborative Partnership in NCPD Continuing Education with NASN

In addition to NASN as sole developer and provider of nursing continuing professional development (NCPD) continuing education in live and enduring formats for school nurses, NASN also partners with other organizations on educational activities that optimize the health of students and advance the practice of school nursing.  The partnering organization may not be a commercial interest or sponsor.  Contact NASN today to discuss the collaborative partnership process.  

NASN is not an approver organization, so it cannot provide NCPD continuing education contact hours to programs that have already been developed. If you are seeking approval for a completed program, visit the ANCC website for approver organizations in your area.

NCPD Continuing Education Record Retention

NASN keeps NCPD continuing education records for 6 years. If your state requires you to keep your records longer than 6 years, it is the responsibility of the individual to keep those records.

NCPD Continuing Education Extensions

NCPD Continuing Nursing Education: When NCPD CNE is offered/awarded with an NASN program, attendees paying the appropriate registration fee will receive NCPD CNE contact hours for the program attended and evaluated within the 90-day allotted window. Attendees must stay for the entire program, no partial credit. Attendees have 90 days to complete evaluations to receive NCPD CNE credit for the program. Requests for an extension on the 90-day NCPD CNE deadline must be submitted in writing, mailed to the NASN office, and include a $60.00 processing fee payment. Extensions will not be granted for programs hosted or presented more than 12 months prior to the extension request.  View or print the request for extension form

Reporting NCPD Continuing Education

California: NASN is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing: Provider No. CEP 12292

Pennsylvania: To receive Act 48 credit for an NASN program, individuals will need to submit the information to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PA DOE) on their own. Members of the Pennsylvania Association of School Nurses and Practitioners (PASNAP) may receive support from PASNAP with submitting NASN credit to the PA DOE.

Nurses licensed in other states, who have concerns about recognition by their state of NASN provided NCPD CNE contact hours, are encouraged to, first, direct any questions to the authoritative body in that state.

CE Broker: NASN is not responsible for providing NCPD CNE contact hours earned from our learning platform to CE Brokers. It is the learners responsibility to maintain the appropriate records for reporting to their CE Broker and/or licensing board for renewals.

Other Credit Types

Clock Hours or Teacher/Educator Credits: NASN does not convert NCPD CNE credits to clock hours or teacher/educator credits. NASN’s NCPD CNE qualifies for credit towards the department of education if the department accepts continuing nursing educational (CNE) contact hours for school nurses. For those seeking educational credits (e.g. educational credits for teachers, etc.), NCPD CNE contact hours do not qualify. For those looking to convert NCPD CNE contact hours to other credit types, please reach out to the designated department of education (DOE) or accrediting board for the credit types that are accepted before enrolling in an NASN activity that does not qualify. 

CEUs: NCPD continuing nursing education (CNE) is different from continuing educational units (CEUs). CEUs can be used by various professional groups requiring licensing renewal that is measured in units, whereas CNE is nursing specific educational content as outlined by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) guidelines and measured in minutes spent on education.

Page last updated January 2022.