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Annie Hetzel, MSN, RN


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I live and work as the Puget Sound ESD School Nurse Corps Nurse Administrator in Renton, Washington. The School Nurse Corps is a program unique to Washington State that provides support to under-served small rural school district health services. I graduated from the UW School of Nursing with a BSN in 1990 and obtained a Masters in Nursing Education from WGU in 2013.
I have been a school nurse in 2007, having previously worked in a elementary, high and transitional schools,  a hospital chest & infectious disease unit, as a visiting nurse, and an instructor at a local community college.

I have been a SNOW member since I started in school nursing and I love the support I get from meeting the amazing school nurses practicing in Washington state. I look forward to serving as a Rep. and hope to connect with school nurses in Area 2. SNOW represents us and helps us advocate for our profession, empowers us to enhance our practice, and provides education, resources, and networking.

I am proud to be a school nurse and am in awe of the quality of care I see being provided throughout the state. School nursing is often misunderstood and under valued by the public at large but by joining our professional organization and getting involved, we can change this. By stepping forward as Area Rep., I hope I can contribute to this effort.

“Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” Mattie Stepanek