Janie (Lejane) Sailors, BSN, RN, NCSN-E


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Having almost 30 years of school nursing, I have now achieved the title of "retired"...whatever that might mean! I still retain my interest in all things school and public health related, and have been fortunate to continue my school nursing interactions through FASN--the FL affiliate on NASN. My primary role now is that of mentor for the terrific FASN BOD members and committee members who carry forward the goals of FASN. With the guidance and input of a tremendous team and co-chair, I have been able to oversee FASN's annual conference, which has grown from a single AM session to a 2 day event that is attended by the most amazing Florida nurses--both members and those who are just learning of FASN's potential. It is with pride that I count myself among the many who have supported FASN since its inception and have seen it mature into a state recognized and respected source of school nursing support.