Data Literacy Training and Resources

The National Association of School Nurses' data initiative, National School Health Data Set: Every Student Counts!, is not just about collecting data, but building school nurses’ skills and knowledge regarding the use of data. The information here provides resources including documents, past webinars, and presentation templates that school nurses can use to increase data literacy.  Visit this web page often for updates.  


10 ways to share your data

End-of year reports: It is important to provide end-of-year reports to your school and district. There are many different ways this can be done. Below are templates to get you started.

These templates are only one-page in length are NOT meant to show everything you do.  They are meant to highlight key activities school nurses do and to be a conversation starter.

Key activity templates identify activities directly linked to current events, education concerns, and key activities school nurses perform.

Blank templates are also available because NASN knows districts and schools operate differently.  Use blank templates to include what is important to your school and/or district.

District templates include a space at the top for a school or district logo, and a photo of the school health services team.

School templates include a space at the top for a school logo.

District: Key Activity Template

District: Blank Template

School: Key Activity Template

School: Blank Template


Coalition Building

Data 101: Using school nurse data as a force for the future

Data Agreements

Data Fidelity

Using Your End of Year Data To Tell Your Story: Paint by Numbers

Data Privacy in School Nursing: Navigating the Complex Minefield of Privacy Laws

NASN Outcome Challenge

Presentation Templates

Presentation templates data champions can personalize and use in their local areas.

(coming soon)