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Literature Term Paper Topics

Absalom By William Faulkner

This  undergraduate paper is on the book "Absalom" written by William Faulkner , addresses the great burden on American history, racism. It includes, though the writer wrote about Mississippi, what did he described that could have clearly easily been said about the Florida plantation region. And what does Faulkner tell us about racism particularly in the south, how has racism affected Florida's past and present?

 "And the Sea Will Tell": An Analysis of Persuasion Techniques

 In this paper an essay assistant examines and analyzes Vincent Bugliosi's persuasion techniques and his efforts to persuade the jury in "And The Sea Will Tell". The author also compares his courtroom strategies to legal theories and concepts.

 "At Last" Elizabeth Akers Allen (1832-1911)

 This paper analyzes 'At Last" by Elizabeth Akers Allen. It emphasizes the closed, formal structure, meter and rhyme of the poem. Also noted, thematically, is the romantic influence, which grounds the naturalist paradox at the heart of the poem.

A Jury of her Peers by Susan Glaspell

This is a paper that suggests the story A Jury of her Peers" is one that shows the generalization present in the society of the early twentieth century and provides two perspectives of law.

 A Painful Case and the Role of Selfishness: Why Duffy Shall Always Be Miserable

 This paper according to the experts from biography writing services addresses the inherently selfish nature of the character of Mr. James Duffy in James Joyce's story, "A Painful Case" from "Dubliners". Duffy is cast within this story as being entirely selfish and without merit, and has thus willingly condemned himself to a life of misery.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man : An Analysis 

This undergraduate paper analyzes Stephen Daedalus' struggle for freedom in "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man", by James Joyce. It evaluates whether Stephen strives for and gains freedom, how and why he achieves his freedom, and focuses upon the master/servant relationships in the novel.

 A Rose for Emily 

This is a paper that shows that the imagery of death and decay in A Rose for Emily is responsible for bringing out the theme of isolation.

 A Sentimental Journey: The Modern Irony of Laurence Sterne

 If the measure of a literary work is the degree to which readers identify or sympathize with its characters, then "A Sentimental Journey" may be considered a failure. This paper will argue, the key to appreciating Sterne's comic masterpiece may lie in our lifting the "burden" of literary prestige from the work and approaching it as one would a modern comic narrative.

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