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One of the most topical - and at the same time most popular - subjects for andragogy theses is life long learning, LLL, which is an educational paradigm of great importance at international level.

Other popular andragogy thesis topics include: the role of formal, non-formal and informal learning, the importance of motivation and possible ways of motivation, pedagogical challenges in adult education, and institutional paper writer approaches such as: the development and functioning of adult education institutions, and the place of andragogy in the education system.

The most frequently encountered topics in the andragogy thesis are:

  • History of andragogy
  • The development of adult education and training, the economic and social factors that triggered this process, and the emergence of andragogy from pedagogy and its role in education are the main areas covered.

Lifelong learning (LLL)

If the student chooses this subject, the focus of the paper will be on the development and/or current state of the lifelong learning paradigm, with the possibility of exploring the subject from a general perspective, as well as of studying in depth a sub-element.

  • Adult learning - international comparative analyses
  • The topic provides the opportunity to present the adult learning strategies of different countries and states, describing their achievements, their potentials and their pitfalls, as well as to see the domestic situation from a higher, more comprehensive perspective. The available analyses and research provide a rich basis for a thesis on this topic.

The situation of adult education in the country

This is an extremely wide-ranging thesis topic which, in addition to a historical description, may cover the legislative framework, the development and functioning of the institutional system, the impact of social and economic processes on adult education, the characteristics of the target group, the requirements of the infocommunication society, human resource development, the organisation of education, quality assurance or the accreditation of training.


This topic is not only included in andragogy theses, but is chosen as a first line of approach to andragogy from a pedagogical point of view. Developing an appropriate motivational base is a key area of adult education and training.


The topic is very complex and provides an opportunity for a pedagogical approach to andragogy. In discussing specific aspects of learning specific to adult education, such as: cognitive ability changes with age, the extension of the concept of learning, the relationship between age and learning, the learning-teaching relationship and competence, learners, learning groups and learning networks in adult education, the student's own individual experiences may enrich the thesis.

Corporate finance

Corporate finance is another popular, if not the most popular, area of finance thesis writing. Based on the work of thesis writers, the sky is the limit in this subject. Business finance is popular, as are the financing characteristics of start-ups (e.g. venture capital). They often analyse the role of venture capital in an established business, the capital structure and dividend policy of a business, external financing methods, leasing as an alternative source of finance, working capital management, long-term strategic financial planning of a company or the fiscal relations of a business.

Corporate finance as a thesis topic is closely related to accounting theses. The best example of this is the popular analysis of the assets, liabilities, financial position and profitability of a company based on its accounts for the last few years. The indicators for this topic are provided by finance, while the source of the data is accounting. A similar topic is the analysis of investment in a given company.

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