Here at the National Association of School Nurses, we LOVE volunteers!

Volunteers are integral to NASN's mission.  The goal of our volunteer software is to organize volunteer opportunities and offer a simple process for engaging volunteers.

Volunteer opportunities range from small tasks to leadership positions; from tasks that can be completed virtually to those involving travel.

The numbered items on this page explain the key components of the volunteer software.

1. Volunteer Pool

If you would like to be alerted of volunteer opportunities, opt in to the volunteer pool.  Individuals in the pool receive an email when an opportunity is opened that matches the individual's volunteer profile. 

At any time, you can suspend your opt-in request by changing the "Invite me to volunteer when opportunities match my expertise?" setting in your volunteer profile.

Opt in to the Volunteer Pool.

2. Volunteer Profile

You already have an NASN profile on SchoolNurseNet.  Now, there is a Volunteer Profile.  The Volunteer Profile has:

  • a space for a volunteer bio;
  • volunteering interests and preferences you can set;
  • a list of current opportunities you are completing and any that match your interests and/or preferences; and
  • a list of opportunities you have completed.

Set your interests and preferences to be matched to open opportunities.  

Set "Invite me to volunteer when opportunities match my expertise?" to YES to be notified of open opportunities.   

Complete the Volunteer Profile

3. Volunteer Opportunities

Most opportunities are visible for viewing but will require logging in to apply.    

View a list of Volunteer Opportunities.


Please direct questions, comments and/or suggestions to NASN