Webinar Explores Seizures and Epilepsy Clinical Guideline

By Eva Wang posted 10-30-2018 14:13


Wonder about improving the health and safety of students with epilepsy? In a recent webinar, Angela M. Lepkowski, Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing, reviewed how the school nurse provides high quality care of students with seizure disorders in order to improve the health and safety of students with epilepsy. A recording of the webinar is available now.  Discover how to optimize student care plans including seizure action plans, understand the importance of interdisciplinary care coordination management, and learn how to handle rescue medication administration at school and key tips on how to maximize student seat time while improving health outcomes. This course will give you all of the guidance you need to keep students with seizure disorders healthy, safe and ready to learn in your school community.  Learn more or enroll in the online activity today.