Physically Fit Fridays - Introduction

By Jane Ferrara, MA, RN posted 05-10-2018 21:23


Greetings.  I have created a blog that is a compilation of health tips for elementary school students, their families, school staff and faculty.  Part of my role as School Nurse is to share topical information about health and social issues that confront  my students.  With "Physically Fit Friday with Mrs. Ferrara", I have an open mic during morning announcements.  Humor and alliterations are the mainstays of these messages.  I enjoy linking what is happening at school and will pepper the messages with the math word of the week.  Can you say scalene triangle?

The health tips have been well received.  Students share the information at home.  This has resulted in consultations from parents concerning issues such as insomnia and nutrition.  During my second year of Physically Fit Friday, I decided to add a recurring theme to the messages.  We call it the "shout out".  In June, students vote for the next year's shout out which alternates between a fruit or vegetable.  Our first was "Our buddy, BROCCOLI".  Try working that into a segment about bathroom etiquette!  Other shout outs include the kindly KIWI, the perfect PEACH, cool KALE, the yummy, yellow YAM.  We are currently celebrating the plucky PINEAPPLE.  I must admit to being quite gratified when a student greets me by saying , "I love pineapple".  Students listen closely to each installment so that they don't miss the shout out.

With the support of administration and staff, the payoff has been amazing.  Teachers acknowledge healthy snack choices in the classrooms and feedback from parents has been positive.

In 2011, "Physically Fit Friday" contributed to a statewide Wellness Award bestowed upon our school.  I do hope that you will enjoy these brief lighthearted health tips.  Now that you have some context, I will follow up this post with the messages.  You can also see them at        Relish these remarkably robust reads.  And as always have a Physically Fit Friday.