School Nurse Association of North Carolina is Strong and Growing

By Karen Kerley posted 10-29-2018 13:52


The School Nurse Association of North Carolina held its first meeting in June of 1992 and unified with NASN in 2010.  Our membership continues to grow yearly, and we are currently over 600 members strong.  We work with the North Carolina Nurses Association each year to have a Nurses Night at the Legislature, followed by a School Nurse Day at the Legislature the next day.  In the past, we have lobbied to get nurses paid on a higher scale, and  we currently working to get a School Nurse Study Bill released which shows the need for more school nurses in North Carolina.

North Carolina School Nurses are very fortunate to not only have a State School Nurse Consultant, but also 6 Regional School Nurse Consultants, 1 Charter School Nurse Consultant, and recently hired a Chronic Illness School Nurse Consultant (CDC Grant).  We are a leader in National School Nurse Certifications, as it is required within 3 years of being hired as a school nurse in NC. We also have a very strong data base utilizing the NC School Health Report required by all public schools and collected by the State School Nurse Consultant in conjunction with NC Department of Health and Human Services.

SNANC has a very active Executive Board at the state level, as well as boards at the 6 regional levels. The goals of the organization are to promote and advance the quality of school health services throughout the state; to promote the knowledge base, interests, and rights of school nurses in North Carolina; to promote increased understanding of the school nurse’s role in schools by members of the educational community; and to operate exclusively as an educational organization on a non-profit basis.

The School Nurse Association of North Carolina believes every child deserves a nurse in every school, every day, and we will keep working until that happens.

North Carolina School Nurses representing at Nurses Night at the Legislature in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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