By Lori KELLEY posted 09-26-2018 06:29


Pennsylvania, the Keystone State, is 1,000 Certified School Nurses (CSN) strong! We are proud of our certification through the Pennsylvania Department of Education and that we have a ratio of 1 CSN to 1,500 students.

When did it all begin? It began in 1985 with Bernice Baxter, the Director of School Health, Pennsylvania Department of Health, held a conference for the School Nurses Practitioners. School Nurse Practitioners from all areas of the State saw their objective of forming an organization that would provide continuing education credits for the Commonwealth’s School Nurse Practitioners. The first annual educational conference was held in May, 1986 and elected Doris Luckenbill as the first President.


In 1992, the Constitution was rewritten and active membership was open to CSN’s and the organization became known as the Pennsylvania Association of School Nurses and Nurse Practitioners. Over 200 CSN’s attended the first annual conference with both groups as one organization to focus on continuing education and image enhancement of the certified school nurse. The annual educational conference continues to support 250 school nurses each year with current trends of school nursing and professional standards.


PASNAP’s membership continued to grow and became unified with NASN in 1995. NASN is that life line for school nursing expertise. Pennsylvania is proud to have had three NASN Presidents: Beatrice Shaffer (1975/76), Vivian Haines (1988/89) and Doris Luckenbill (1997/99).


Our Board of Directors provides the leadership to advance the professional practice of school health through education, political awareness and the promotion of school nursing. With the knowledge and guidance of our Legislative Consultant and Lobbyist, Morgan Plant, PASNAP is an active participant with legislative initiatives for school nurses and student health.





So proud to be part of PASNAP and our great nurses' organization.  So far we have been able to maintain the ratio-through our board and members' efforts. Thank you PASNAP!
Thanks for this blog on PASNAP history.  It is incredible to read about the vision our school nursing leaders possessed bringing school nurses together to advance our practice.  I was not surprised to see Doris Luckenbill as the first President of the school nurse organization in Pennsylvania.  She continued to be a strong national leader in school nursing.  It was also wonderful for me to meet Vivian Haines at the 50th Anniversary Conference in Baltimore.  Our founding leaders certainly positioned school nurses as leaders in school health.  Thanks for sharing!