Back to School...Again!!!

By Melissa Sherman posted 05-22-2020 17:36


     I am a married, forty one year old mother of two boys that are fourteen and eleven years old. I have been home caring for my family for the past four years and just realized recently it’s time to make a change. I decided to listen to that little voice inside me and apply to an online graduate program to obtain my school nurse certification. I have always known deep down that I want to be a school nurse. I just hadn’t realized, that the time is NOW.

     So, I did it. I applied! But really, what am I getting myself into? What am I thinking going back to school at this point in my life and after a four year hiatus in my nursing career? Despite these persistent, nagging thoughts I know in my heart that this is the right time for me to do this. My boys are doing well and are older now and don’t really need me standing guard over them twenty four hours a day, literally hovering. My husband is supportive of my quest, as is my extended family. If not now, when?

     I am starting the first summer semester and feel a mix a mix of excitement and nerves. Going through this process has brought me back to my younger days of FAFSA applications, college essays, recommendations and that feeling of anticipation you get as you await the response from your university of choice. I was just as excited getting in this time as I was when I was eighteen years old and getting my first acceptance.  Funny how some things don’t change!

Despite my doubts about this entire decision and process, I also feel a sense of pride because I know that I am doing something that I truly believe in and something that takes courage. I hope to serve as an example to my boys that you can do anything you put your mind to, despite your fear and doubts. It doesn’t matter that I am forty, or married, or a mother of two. I am still capable, and intelligent and willing to learn. I realize it will take hard work and dedication, but I am ready to accept the challenge and take on this next stage and role in my life as a student again.