NASN School Nurse Podcast - One Courageous School Nurse’s Heroic Journey

By NASN Profile posted 07-11-2017 15:54

The latest NASN School Nurse podcast discusses the article Historic Leadership: One Courageous School Nurse’s Heroic Journey—Part 4.

Learn more about this article by reading the abstract below, listening to the podcast, and reading the article online.

School nursing practice establishes itself in the midst of both education and nursing philosophies, ethics, standards, laws, and regulations. Treading these two worlds is difficult at times and requires that a school nurse possess a strong foundational knowledge base, seek professional collaboration, and navigate conflicting professional demands in order to promote student and public safety. This article is Part 4 of a four-part series that recounts the inspiring story of a school nurse, Ellen Johnsen, who did just that back in the 1980s in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Part 4 offers lessons to be learned by reflecting on Ellen Johnsen’s experience when she challenged the illegal and unsafe medication administration policy in the Broken Arrow Public Schools. The purpose of this series is to enhance understanding of the legal parameters governing school nurse practice, provide examples of ethical decision making, and review the challenges associated with serving as a leader.