Advance Your Nursing Practice with the Sight for Students Program

By NASN Profile posted 10-03-2017 09:28

VSP_Global_4c_294.jpgRight now the Eyes of Hope® gift certificate program from VSP Global® is giving away free eye care and glasses to people who lost their glasses in the hurricane. But did you know that any time of year, in any area of the United States, NASN members can give their low-income students the same benefit?  

That’s because NASN has partnered with the VSP Global's® Sight for Students®, an Eyes of Hope® gift certificate program [this links requires a login]. It’s a popular program. In our 6-month check-in with new members, a new member recently wrote that they were most impressed by, “…receiving Gift Certificate for our student without insurance so they can have an eye examination and receive eye glasses!” As of 2017, all VSP Global's Eyes of Hope charitable programs have donated 1.3 million eyeglasses to adults and children in need (around $200 million in donated services and products!), and 400,000 of those – nearly a third – were the direct result of NASN members helping their students.

NASN is grateful to VSP Global® for Sight for Students®, an Eyes of Hope® gift certificate program. This program provides gift certificates for a no-cost eye exam and, if prescribed, new glasses that NASN members can distribute to students 19 or younger who qualify. “NASN is a good resource for school nurses,” another new member wrote, adding “The VSP program is also a very valuable resource. Our district is low income community and this resource gets used a lot. Students learn better when they can see their work.”

By joining NASN or paying for your school nurse to join, your school will get access to this wonderful charitable program for your students. If you’re not taking advantage of this program right now, please do. Finally, member or no, if you’re a school nurse in an area impacted by a hurricane, contact the Eyes of Hope® program about charitable donations for any of your students who lost their glasses in the storm.

National Association of School Nurses - Advance your nursing practice with Sight for Students

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