Common Sense Solutions Needed to Keep Students Safe

By NASN Profile posted 03-02-2018 10:02

The National Association of School Nurses (NASN) envisions school communities where students are healthy, safe, and ready to learn. When violent acts, such as school shootings, threaten the safety and well-being of students and school staff, action must be focused on common sense solutions.

In recent days, NASN has joined the voices of multiple organizations who care about the safety of children and teens. NASN signed onto an APHA (American Public Health Association) letter and an AAN (American Academy of Nursing) letter requesting Congress to work in a bipartisan way to enact laws that will keep children safe.

For information on the school nurse role in school violence, read NASN's recently adopted position statement.
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03-07-2018 17:02

It's a sad day when you send your children off to school uncertain if they will return home.  Having teachers armed with guns sends the wrong message in promoting safety and well-being in schools.  Having a gun next to your lesson plans, REALLY??  Witnessing a teacher shoot someone in self defense changes the prototype of teachers as most of us know them.  An even more disturbing thought is the School Nurse having to shoot someone in self defense while contacting parents or administering first aid and medications.  IJS.