SchoolNurseNet is Celebrating Five Years!

By NASN Profile posted 08-17-2018 21:36


This year, SchoolNurseNet celebrates five years as the largest online community for school nursing professionals. Below is a glimpse into the community's milestones.

Thank you for the diversity you bring to the community. Whether you ask questions, share knowledge or take the time to read the messages, you have made SchoolNurseNet a valuable resource for school nurses.

Please leave a comment and tell us what you think of SchoolNurseNet.

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08-23-2018 12:14

Does anyone give anti-anxiety medications to elementary children?  If so, does the doctor provide behavioral guidelines  ?  Any guidelines other than PRN for Anxiety?
If there is one word to sum up my experiences on schoolnursenet-it is support. We understand the school health experience, and can support each other, school nurse to school nurse. Let's have some cake!