Moral Distress Among School Nurses --- Podcast with Article Author

By NASN Profile posted 09-18-2018 15:34


The Journal of School Nursing October 2018 article "Moral Distress Among School Nurses" is the focus of the latest JOSN podcast.

Learn more about this article by reading the abstract below, listening to the podcast and reading the full-text article.

School nurses are well positioned to provide care to a diverse population of school-age children, but their role and work environment can present a variety of moral dilemmas leading to moral distress. The purpose of this study is to identify the moral distress level that exists in school nurses and to describe its relationship to common moral dilemmas and school nurse characteristics. Data were collected through face-to-face attendance at school nurse meetings in North Carolina where 307 school nurses participated in the survey. Moral distress was measured using the moral distress thermometer, and common moral dilemmas were identified using a researcher developed questionnaire. Almost all of the school nurses (97.3%) experienced some degree of moral distress. Each of the common moral dilemmas was positively correlated with moral distress levels. The findings suggest that many of the common moral dilemmas experienced by school nurses are strongly related to moral distress.